This quiz is useful for the aspirants of Library Science. Students appearing for UGC NET, SLET, KVS Librarian and NVS Librarian and DSSSB Librarian etc. can practice these exams.

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Source : IGNOU B.Lib Material

An accession register and a shelf list are essentially management records of a library and are not meant for public use. Accession register is a data-wise record of reading materials acquired by the library, giving all details about
the documents, arranged in the serial order of documents. A shelf list reflects the arrangement of documents on the shelf.Their proposes are different and hence they cannot be used as a substitute for a library catalogue.

Cataloguing and classification are two interrelated processes that are performed in a library. The basic purpose of these two operations is to aid users in locating and selecting appropriate reading materials required for study, research or any other organization of documents on the shelves of library while a catalogue serves the propose of a retrieval tool and also projects the contents possessed by a library. All these mechanisms are to a large extent. Complementary to each other and together they serve the users in an effective manner to use the library collection. Between themselves, they rectify the shortcomings or limitations of each other.

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