Use numbers between 1-8 to fill this grid. Ensure that no two consecutive numbers are in adjacent squares. Each number must be used only once.


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Puzzle-7 ( How many toffees ?)

On the inaugural day of a confectionary, they gave an offer. For every three wrappers of toffees returned to them, they would give one toffee back. If each toffee costs one rupee, how many toffees can you get if you have Forty five rupees with you?

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Samhita had a large packet of biscuits. After eating the first one she gave half of what she had left with to her sister Hamsita. After eating another biscuit, Hamsita gave half of what she left with to Parnita.Parnita got only five biscuits.

How many biscuits were in the packet at the beginning?

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Puzzle -1

Price Board at a birds and pets shop shows 40 sparrows at 1 rupee, cost of one dove as 3 rupees and cost of one peacock as 5 rupees.

If Hamsita has 100 rupees in hand, how can she get hundred birds? Add your answer in the comment box below.

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