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An accession register and a shelf list are essentially management records of a library and are not meant for public use. Accession register is a data-wise record of reading materials acquired by the library, giving all details about
the documents, arranged in the serial order of documents. A shelf list reflects the arrangement of documents on the shelf.Their proposes are different and hence they cannot be used as a substitute for a library catalogue.

Cataloguing and classification are two interrelated processes that are performed in a library. The basic purpose of these two operations is to aid users in locating and selecting appropriate reading materials required for study, research or any other organization of documents on the shelves of library while a catalogue serves the propose of a retrieval tool and also projects the contents possessed by a library. All these mechanisms are to a large extent. Complementary to each other and together they serve the users in an effective manner to use the library collection. Between themselves, they rectify the shortcomings or limitations of each other.


“All our dreams can come true; if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

“All our dreams can come true; if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

#1. What is a date wise record of reading and reference materials acquired by a library either by purchase, exchange or through gift?

#2. What serves as an authentic inventory of items acquired by the library?

#3. Why can't accession register serve as a finding tool for documents available in the library from the point of view of author, title or subject?

#4. Which of the following is a permanent record of library?

#5. Which of the following regarding accession register is true?

An accession register is distinct from a library catalogue. Although it also carries allbibliographical data of documents, yet it cannot serve the functions of a library Catalogue.

#6. Which t is an inventory record of a library?

The shelf list is an inventory record of a library which records bibliographical data of items arranged exactly the way the items are arranged on the shelves of a library in various rooms, halls or floors.

#7. What is the most important tool for checking the stock of a library?

A shelf list resembles a library catalogue in many ways. It may also serve as a classified catalogue when such a catalogue does not exist in a library. But its function is different from that of a library catalogue. It does not provide approaches by author, title or subject.

#8. Which of the following are finding tools in a library?

#9. Which of the following gives detailed information of the volumes of journal titles available in bound or unbound form?

#10. What is an organised list of documents compiled for a definite purpose?

The basic difference between a bibliography and a library catalogue is that a bibliography tells us what publication have been published but does not tell us where (in which library) these publications will be available for reading.

#11. Which of the following is used synonymously with catalogue?

What is the difference between a catalogue andan index?

A catalogue, more particularly, a library catalogue is a record describing the documents acquired by alibrary, whereas an index provides access to any of bibliographical entries of the catalogue through author, subject or title index. In the context of a library catalogue, the generally accepted difference between a catalogue entry and index entry is that the former includes some descriptive specification of a document, whereas an index entry merely locates an author or a subject or title.


What is the difference between a catalogue and bibliography?

A library catalogue is a key to a library’s collection, a bibliography is
merely a list of documents, comprehensive or selective in its scope and coverage, etc.
and hence does not serve the functions of a library catalogue.

#12. Identify the trade catalogues from the following?

What are the differences between trade catalogue and a library catalogue?


Answer:  Trade Catalogues are published by Publishers and booksellers produce catalogues periodically and send them to libraries as a routine sales promotion activity.

These catalogues comprise entries arranged in an alphabetical order of authors and titles, under broad subject groups and are not expected to meet the different approaches of users, as a library catalogue is expected to do.


These catalogues are obviously different from library catalogues, though they carry bibliographical data of documents. They inform the readers about new books published but do not tell where (in which libraries) these can be found.


#13. How many entries are there in library catalogue?

Main entry and Added entry


Following operations are to be carried out for making entries:
1) Choice and rendering of headings of main entries, added entries and sections of main as well as added entries.
2) Recording of information in the sections of entries.
3) Determination of style of writing, punctuation marks, capitalisation, etc.
4) Preparation of entries.
5) Writing call numbers on all the entries.
6) Filing of catalogue cards.
7) Preparation of guide cards.
8) Maintenance and updating of entries in a catalogue


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