dog is the most faithful and loyal animal to human beings since ages. My pet name is Bruno.

It is a small white colored species of dog of Maltese breed. It is a very intelligent canine. Bruno is four years old, and has a very pleasing and friendly personality.

Since the day I brought him home, he has been a great companion in all my moments. Bruno loves to play, takes long walks with me, sleeps in my arms and loves to cuddle. He wags his tail and barks in joy when I come home after work. During leisure time, we often play hide and seek where I hide and he finds me soon but I fail to find him easily.

He is a real companion who listens to all my secrets and makes me smile and laugh after a hard day. My pet dog is smart and loving. He guards the house, defends his food and toys and protects me from anyone who intrudes.

His presence makes my world feel so special and warm. I feel so blessed and honored to have him as my pet and life companion.
my pet dog and me playing hide and seek

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