“Books are Beacons of our life”.

Library is the most peaceful place with loads of knowledge embellished on crispy pages. I love to visit library.

It has its own calmness, in the shadow of immense knowledge and wisdom. Books – they speak to us in a language only we can understand, they tell us the stories, they render the knowledge, they make us realize the power of our mind and they give directions to our life.

When I enter the library, I feel the spirit of scholarship of all generations on all the topics. I can get lost in the world of books and its words. Every book reflects the thoughts and ideas of its author and holds a world of his creative thoughts.

The impressive collection of books in the library makes it feel like a little kingdom of knowledge. I feel awe and respect for all these books and I can’t help but sneaking a look at them, hoping to find something useful. Those rows of books, those shelves full of books with their fascinating titles pull me in to the world of knowledge and imagination.

I can find books on astronomy, math, literature and other fascinating subjects. When I look at the ancient books I marvel at the thought that some genius wrote them hundreds of years ago guessing the life of the current times.No matter what I’m looking for, I can always find something in library; from a fiction book to a rom-com, from a history book to a biography, from a scientific paper to a motivational book. Library gives us a million ideas to think, to develop and to explore.

It is more than just a source of books; it is a place of knowledge and information, a place to escape and relax, a place to socialize and discover, a place to motivate and inspire.

a grand library with colourful books

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