My favourite animal has to be the humble cow. Yes, I do realise that cows are probably not considered to be the most interesting of animals but I just can’t help but love them.

As far as animals go, cows are really gentle giants. They don’t seem to show any fear of humans, even though they can be very large creatures, and they always seem to enjoy the company of their herd. Cows demonstrate a real inquisitive nature, often coming up to investigate new things, such as lawns, plants etc. They are friendly to humans and give delicious and nutritious milk to humans.

The cow is such a majestic creature, with its big brown eyes, long thick eyelashes and its loveable nature.

I absolutely love cows – I have a few cows of my own, so I can attest to how truly wonderful they are.

Cows have been my favourite animals since I was a child. I have always liked their large size, goofy behaviour and intelligence. They are very affectionate, too – they often come up to people to be scratched and petted. Cows are also good companions and are often seen as a symbol of luck and fertility.

When I’m out and about, I always make sure to stop at any cow. Hindus treat cows as goddess.

a beutiful grazing cow

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