Teachers shape our career. We are clay in their hands waiting to be molded into beautiful pots of various talents and skills. They burn their energy and life to make our lives better. My favourite teacher is Mr.Bala Krishna, who is a great scholar and man of simplicity.

In my school days, he used to teach mathematics. His teaching skills and methods are so impressive that I still remember most of the mathematical formulas I learnt from him. He was friendly and jovial and often used to make jokes while teaching. He provided individual attention to students, helping them in picking up the subject.

He used to assign us class activities and projects to help us understand the concept better. He used to encourage us to find our own solutions and come up with creative ideas. He also used to take extra care to teach us beyond the text book lessons, which would help us in positioning ourselves in the competitive world in the days to come.

My teacher was not just an excellent teacher, but also a quintessential mentor and a guide who helped us to nurture our little dreams and inspire us to pursue what we truly believed in. He always believed in explaining the concepts through real-life exampleswhich would help us in understanding and absorbing the knowledge. He also used to motivate us to think out of the box and come up with practical solutions and innovative ideas.

The knowledge and life lessons that he taught us what made me successful today. I owe a lot to him and remember him on each and every day. I am always eager to meet him and learn from him even today.

studio photography of a maths teacher teaching his students in a digital work field

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