How to overcome fear of failure?

We wish to do a lot of things in our school life but fear of failure stops us from taking the initial step. To remove this fear, make sure you have a solid plan in place before you take any risks. This means setting realistic goals and making sure you have a clear idea of the steps you need to take to reach them. Doing your research and talking to experienced teachers can help too. Failing isn’t fun – we’ve all been there and it can be intimidating. But fear of failure shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dreams, strive for greater heights, and take risks. Here are some strategies for overcoming the fear of failure.

  • Take calculated risks: We often become anxious when the risks we take are too great. To combat this, focus on risks that you think are realistic and achievable. This way, if you do fail, it won’t be a huge setback and you’ll learn to cope with the stress of failure.

Remember that failure is part of a journey. Focus on the things you learn from setbacks and don’t be afraid to embrace new challenges. If you can reframe failure in this way, it won’t seem so daunting.

  • Respect failures as your greatest teachers: If you ever tried and failed, don’t get discouraged and disheartened, remember that only those who try would fail and learn how not to fail the next time and those who sit without trying anything would never fail in anything but would learn nothing in their life. It is normal to feel fear of failure and it is a part of human nature- facing fear is part of life. Accepting fear will make it easier to move past it.
  • Redefine failure: Failure does not have to be perceived in a negative manner. It can help build resilience and strength. When failures occur recognize that ‘failure’ simply means that you have experienced and learned something new, and then move forward. Remember that your latest failure builds the strength of facing it more confidently the next time you try it.
  •  Identify the fear: The first step in managing fear of failure is to become aware of what it is you are afraid of. Analyse the source and write it down in detail. Once you have identified your fear try to face it frequently. The best technique is to face your biggest fear immediately. Once you faced your biggest fear, then there would be nothing greater than that and your life seems to be bold and confident.
  •  Reflect on the consequences: Consider what the likely outcome of the failure will be. More often than not, the likely outcomes are not as bad as you think, and may even open up opportunities for a better solution. Recall Dhoni’s last over and last ball winning situations. The worst consequence would have been a loss of game but not the end of life, so be ready to face the consequences and improve them.
  •  Address perfectionism: The pressure of perfectionism can limit your ability to take initiatives. One cannot be perfect without being imperfect. You had fallen many times before your learnt to make a few steps as a child, and then you ran to fail many times before you could first finish your running race in school. Perfection comes gradually and fear of perfection should not hinder you from doing new tasks.
  • Change your perspective: Recognize that for most failures, it won’t necessarily be the thing that you’re dreading. Rather, it will be a result, sometimes it may even come with unexpected opportunities. The treasures are always hidden and you fail many times digging at the wrong place, but may be the next or nearer time digging would fetch you the treasure.
  •  Believe in yourself: Fear of failure is often a result of low self-confidence. Remind yourself that no one is perfect but that it’s okay to make mistakes. Tell yourself that you will do better the next time. If you cannot believe in yourself who would believe in you? If a tiny ant could believe in itself and its energy, we, the humans with creativity and opportunities should believe in ourselves to overcome the fear of failure and make failures the ladders to success.
a man reaching up to success with ladders of hardwork, showing a lot of confidence and depict the theme of failure at one corner

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