• Prepositions are described as the non-inflecting words that are primarily employed to connect the following noun or pronoun in an adjectival or adverbial sense.
  • These are also employed to link phrases in order to displays the relationship between them.
  • This quiz contains 10 questions .


Learning a language is a recipe; you must try.

Learning a language is a recipe; you must try.

Each sentence given below has a blank. Find the best alternative from the given options which can fill the blank so as to make the sentence complete and meaningful.

#1. Venkat looked _______ his phone everwhere.

#2. His name is not familiar ______ me.

#3. I am fed up ________staying at this hotel.

#4. He turned _________ my request.

#5. Many people have died____ Covid.

#6. The tiger sprang __________ the deer.

On and Upon are prepositions that convey same meaning and can be used interchangeably. However, upon makes a sentence look more formal than on. More to this, there are some instances where only upon is used to emphasize the meaning. This is the key difference between On and Upon.

#7. He has no taste_____ music.

The word ‘for’ is associating the nouns ‘taste’ and ‘music’ to denote that ‘he has no taste for(towards, directed at) music.’

#8. I have learnt this lesson word_______ word.

Word for word means you’ve committed it to memory exactly. If you recite it, every single word will be exactly correct, the same as the words you read earlier. This phrase is about accuracy. Word by word means that you memorized it one word at a time. It’s more about the method you used while memorizing than the accuracy of the result.

#9. I can't put up___________ this insult.

#10. Please pay __________ your bill.


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