• Prepositions are described as the non-inflecting words that are primarily employed to connect the following noun or pronoun in an adjectival or adverbial sense.
  • These are also employed to link phrases in order to displays the relationship between them.
  • This quiz contains 10 questions .


Life is not about ideas. It is about choices.

Life is not about ideas. It is about choices.

Each sentence given below has a blank. Find the best alternative from the given options which can fill the blank so as to make the sentence complete and meaningful.

#1. It is __________ my dignity to sit among them.

#2. Why do you boast___________ your wealth?

#3. The old mother was deprived __________ his only son.

#4. She delights____ teasing me.

#5. Do you know how to look ___ a word in a the dictionary.

#6. Saroja has put______ a lot of weight these days.

#7. Samhita is good______ painting.

#8. She rushed _____ the train after seeing him.

#9. Ramesh was married_____ Shyamala.

#10. Nobody_________ you could be so selfish.


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