• Prepositions are described as the non-inflecting words that are primarily employed to connect the following noun or pronoun in an adjectival or adverbial sense.
• These are also employed to link phrases in order to displays the relationship between them.

This quiz contains 10 questions .


Learn English and prepare for a bright future.

Learn English and prepare for a bright future.

Each sentence given below has a blank. Find the best alternative from the given options which can fill the blank so as to make the sentence complete and meaningful.

#1. The principal found her leaning _______________ the wall.

#2. I shall look--------------- the issue.

#3. My brother lives----------East street.

“Live in” is a very general expression used to show the rough area of where you live.


“Live at” is more specific and only refers to addresses.


“Live on” is between the two, where you specify a specific thing about a general area.

#4. We should never laugh__________the poor.

#5. My parents are delighted ________________my unexpected arrival.

#6. Roja's examination starts ______________ Wednesday,

#7. He jumped ___________my offer.

#8. My uncle deals ______ cashew.

#9. Aruna prefers Cricket _____ Volleyball.

#10. She takes pride ________her apple i-phone.


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