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#1. The responsibility for the maintenance of DDC rests with...

The responsibility for the maintenance of DDC rests with Forest Press, a wholly
owned subsidiary of the Lake Placid Education Foundation which Melvil Dewey set
up to carry on his work. Editorial work is carried out under contract at the Library of
Congress, though the Forest Press continues to market and publish DDC. In between
these two organisations is a group called DDC Editorial Policy Committee composed
of practising librarians and library educators who advise the Forest Press and the
editor on matters relating to revision.

#2. When did the 19th edition of DDC appear?

#3. How many volumes are there in the 19th edition of DDC?

DDC 19th edition appeared in three volumes: Volume 1 – Introduction: Tables;
Volume 2 – Schedules; and Volume 3 – Relative Index

#4. '000' indicates...

#5. The main class languages is indicated by ...

#6. '100' indicates the main class...

#7. '200' indicates the main class...

#8. The main class 'Social Sciences' is indicated by..

#9. '500' indicates the main class...

#10. The main class 'Arts' is indicated by the digits...

#11. '600' indicates the main class..

#12. Geography and History and their auxiliaries are indicated by..

#13. Literature (Belles-lettres) is indicated by ...

000 Generalities
100 Philosophy and related disciplines
200 Religion
300 Social Sciences
400 Languages
500 Pure Sciences
600 Technology (Applied Sciences)
700 The Arts
800 Literature (Belles-lettres)
900 General. Geography and History and their auxiliaries

#14. Which numerals are used by Dewey for notation?

#15. How many tables were there since 18th edition of DDC?

Table 1 : Standard Subdivisions
Table 2 : Areas
Table 3 : Subdivisions of Individual Literatures
Table 4 : Subdivisions of Individual Languages
Table 5 : Racial, Ethnic, National Groups
Table 6 : Languages
Table 7 : PersonsĀ 


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