This quiz is useful for the aspirants of Library Science. Students appearing for UGC NET, SLET, KVS Librarian and NVS Librarian and DSSSB Librarian etc. can practice these exams.

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Source : IGNOU B.Lib Material


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#1. Which of the following is regarded as the heart of the DDC?

#2. The capability of DDC to provide for minute or detailed classification has been greatly enhanced by its ...

#3. ................ is a note which provides an opportunity to expand a given number or series of numbers whose sub-divisions are not enumerated under that number or series in the schedule.

#4. Identify the Add to Devices in DDC.

#5. DDC is biased to wards...

#6. Table - I of DDC represents:

#7. Table-2 of DDC represents:

#8. Table-3 of DDC represents:

#9. Table-4 of DDC represents:

#10. Table-5 of DDC represents:

#11. Table-6 of DDC represents:

#12. Table-7 of DDC represents:

The seven tables in DDC are
Table 1 : Standard Subdivisions
Table 2 : Areas
Table 3 : Subdivisions of Individual Literatures
Table 4 : Subdivisions of Individual Languages
Table 5 : Racial, Ethnic, National Groups
Table 6 : Languages
Table 7 : Persons

#13. An index that brings all related terms (aspects) at one place under a class or generic term....

#14. What do you mean by Procrustean Bed?

#15. A system that coordinates or combines terms to form a subject heading or facets to form a number before hand in anticipation of demand.....

#16. What do you mean by Phoenix Schedule?

Phoenix was the mythological bird that burnt itself and then rose from its own ashes.

ఫీనిక్స్ అనేది పౌరాణిక పక్షి, అది తనను తాను కాల్చుకుని, తరువాత దాని స్వంత బూడిద నుండి లేచింది.

See the source image

#17. What do you mean by Integrity of Numbers?

#18. An area of study, a branch of instruction is known as...

#19. What is Hierarchical Structure?

#20. The process of filing an item at a point in a sequence where it belongs according to the classification is termed as....


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