I strongly disagree to the notion that the social networking sites have had a huge negative impact on both individuals and society. This is an archaic line of thought as, the recent times, after the pandemic, the entire world has witnessed the significance of the social media. Almost for a year when the world is locked in the houses in fear of the virus, it was the social media which connected us to the family and relatives. Even the one who is living far has took instructions from the doctors and near and dear through the social media.
Ever since the invention or discovery of new thing, for certain time it is usually believed that the entire human kind would shortly be enslaved by the latest inventories. People weren’t positive to the invention of a car or the invention of an aeroplane. It took a lot of time to let the nuance occupy the prominent space. Even social media was also received with such contempt. Nevertheless, now the world has seen the powerful and affectionate hand of the social media. Presently, it is the apple of the eye of every country. The social media is ruling the world of advertisements. It is the easiest way to get to the crowd and most affectionate way to tender the minds of the users. With just a click the messages reaches to millions. Now, even the Prime Minister of the country Mr. Modi tweets or shares his views on the worldly affairs through the social media. In certain places it is the social media which helped the police in reaching the accused or even the culprit.
Once, making a video is a very expensive and creative work which only a selected chunk would handle. Now, even the kids of grades 4 & 5 are able to make videos with the help of technology and they send it to their near and dear just with a click. How wonderful, it is to think that several people became celebrities just with a small fiber piece in their hands.

Any new idea is not immediately welcome, so is the case with the social media. Now, the day starts and ends with the sending a message or watching a show in YouTube. Sending a tweet or liking a picture in Instagram. Surfing the old pictures from the Google to uploading a selfie in Facebook. The times have changed, so we are. The mark of social media is evident even in the sector of education. Social media is the latest teacher. It repeats the same lesson without an ounce of difference and can teach the same topic without a minute of boredom. Its illustrations are so illustrious that they make a way to the heart and settles in the brain in a concrete picture.

  1. What is the passage about?
    a) Social media
    b) Face book alone
    c) Mr. Modi
    d) Nuances
  2. Find out the word which is similar in meaning to ‘important’. From the second paragraph.
    a) Notion
    b) Instruction
    c) Archaic
    d) prominence
  3. What helped the people to turn into celebrities just over night?
    a) By making videos
    b) Social media
    c) Hard work
    d) None of the above
  4. What is the fiber piece, which is referred in the article?
    a) The social media
    b) A toy
    c) A Mobile
    d) Tweeter
  5. Find out the synonym of the word ‘admired’ from the last paragraph.
    a) Illustration
    b) Illustrious
    c) Surfing
    d) Ounce

Answer key is appended at the end of this post.

Contributed by: Smt Suneela Jyotsna, M.A,M.Ed.,NET,<br>( A Teacher, Blogger and Podcaster)
Contributed by: Smt Suneela Jyotsna, M.A,M.Ed.,NET,
( A Teacher, Blogger and Podcaster)

Answer Key : 1.a 2.d 3.a 4.c 5.b

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