I believe that children should be free to do what they wish in their free time. In the name of organised activities in the free time, most parents ruin the actual self of the children. It is to be understood by every parent that children are not immature. They must be treated as individuals. They must be given a chance to express their interests and ideas. One must understand that their free time is not to be ruined in the name of extra care. Our ancestors had no extra care or attention by their parents nonetheless they enjoyed their lives in the green fields, playing with their friends in mangroves and running in wild.
Do the present generation have this freedom? Do they know the pain and pleasure in the fields? Do they really know what happiness is? We often see young kids with spectacles, obesity, lethargy. Isn’t this because of the modern lifestyle?
The kernel of the point is, one must be free to live the life as he/she wishes. In the name of organised activities if their childhood is stripped, instead of excelling in the task given, they might end up helpless and their childhood is spent in mere care and dismay. Blake, the English poet, rightly points that “if the buds are nipped in tender years, how can we see the blossoms.” Similarly, when the children are restricted from freedom to express themselves, how can we see the creative future generations. They lose their interest in life.
There are exceptional cases where extra care helped a child to turn into a creative individual. Such, child prodigy and their parents are appreciated, although the suggestion goes that that doesn’t imply to every individual who is just a normal person and wishes to lead a normal yet happy life.

  1. Who should have the command over the free time of children?
    a. Parents
    b. Teachers
    c. Children
    d. Grand parents
  2. Find out the word similar to ‘center’ from the passage.
    a. Kernel
    b. Ruin
    c. Ancestors
    d. Strip
  3. Who had no extra care while they were children?
    a. Present children
    b. Parents
    c. Forefathers
    d. Kids
  4. What is the passage about?
    a. Free time management
    b. Child prodigy
    c. Ancestors
    d. Happy life
  5. Identify the antonym of ‘Lethargy’
    a. Lack of Enthusiasm
    b. Vigour
    c. Lack of Vigour
    d. Extreme drowsiness

Answer key is appended at the end of this post.

Contributed by: Smt Suneela Jyotsna, M.A,M.Ed.,NET,<br>( A Teacher, Blogger and Podcaster)
Contributed by: Smt Suneela Jyotsna, M.A,M.Ed.,NET,
( A Teacher, Blogger and Podcaster)

ANSWER KEY: 1. C 2.A 3.C 4.D 5.B

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