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#1. Who regards book as " concrete aggregates of facts selected from the common stock of knowledge."?

#2. What is meant by Literary Warrant?

Literary warrant simply means that a subject cannot be listed in the scheme unless some literature has already appeared on it. Cr, the existing literature on a subject only justifies the inclusion of that subject in the scheme.

#3. Who is the teacher of S R Ranganathan?

#4. Who is referred to as the first grammarian of Library classification?

#5. " Canons of Classification: , a theory of book classification was written by..

#6. Identify the book written by W C B Sayers.

#7. How many canons were stated by W C B Sayers ?

#8. To how many groups /categories the canons of WCB Sayers be classified?

Sayers Canons of Classification: Sayers simplified his theory of classification by stating 29 principles. He called them canons, meaning rules, regulations, standard tests or criteria of classification. The 29-canoris can be grouped under six categories as follows:

Canons of definition … … 6
Canons of divisions … … 7
Canons of terms … … 4
Canons of book classification … … 4
Canons of notation … … 4
Canons of book classification … … 5

#9. Who wrote the book " Organisation of Knowledge and the System of Science "?

#10. Who is the author of Organisation of Knowledge in Libraries and the Subject Approach to Books ?

#11. What is the other name of Subordination of the special to the general?

Subordination: Bliss theorised that a classification scheme should observe two types of subordination, viz.,

1) Subordination of the special to the general, and
2) Gradation by speciality.

#12. What is the other name of Gradation by speciality?

principle of dependency:
For example, among the natural sciences, physics comes first because it deals with the fundamentals of natural phenomena. Chemical phenomena depend to some extent on the findings of the physicists and, therefore, chemistry follows physics.

#13. What is Collocation?

#14. What term did Ranganathan give to collocation?

#15. Identify the wrong pair of collocation.

sociology to anthropology and
anthropology to biology are two more examples

#16. According to Bliss, what are the qualities of a good notation?

#17. Where is Classification Research Group ( CRG) located?

#18. According to whose suggestion CRG was established?

CRG’s founder members D.J. Foskett, Bernard Palmer (1910-1979), B.C. Vickery and A.J. Wells (1911-1994)

#19. Who formulated PRECIS?

#20. Who defined Dynamic theory of classification as"a theory of library classification capable of carving out a methodology for the design of a scheme for library classification"?


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