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#1. Who was the chief architect of Dynamic theory of Classification?

#2. Who wrote the book, "Library Classification, Evolution of a Dynamic Theory"?

#3. When was the the Prolegomena to Library Classification to published ?

#4. Who wrote the book Prolegomena to Library Classification?

#5. What was the first stage in the development of library classification?

#6. Identify the classification schemes developed by J D Brown?

J.D. Brown was an English librarian, whose contribution to the General Theory_ of Library Classification was small but significant. He brought out three different schemes of classification. The first of these three was developed in 1894 jointly with J.H. Quinn and was known as Guinn-Brown Scheme. This scheme did not make much impact. Three years later, in 1897, Brown independently brought out another scheme and called it Adjustable Classification. This scheme also proved inadequate even in those days. In the year 1906, Brown published the first edition of his Subject Classification, the scheme for which he is mostly known. Its second edition was brought out in 1914 and the -third;, edited by J.D. Stewart; in 1939.

#7. J D Brown, along with whom developed a classification scheme known as Quinn- Brown scheme?

#8. Who is the exponent of Subject Classification?

#9. When was the first edition of Subject classification published?

#10. Which of the following schemes of Classifications was founded on the principle that every science and art spring from some definite source?

#11. Who is regarded as the first classifications to have made a systematic attempt to set down a theory of library classification ?

#12. Who authored the book 'Classification, Theoretical and Practical"?

In 1910

#13. Who authored the book " Principles of Book Classification"?

#14. About whom did W C B Sayers assert that " His contribution was a valuable leadup to the more complete and satisfactory theories today".?

#15. Who felt that all classification could be arranged into two groups ( cagtegories), viz., Mechanical and Philosophical?


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