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#1. Where is India's first nuclear reactor located?

#2. Kalidasa was one of the navaratnas in the court of which Indian king?

#3. The Springing Tiger was another name of which martial group of freedom fighters?

#4. Which commission enquired into the Bombay riots of 1992 and 1993?

#5. Which English word owes its origin to the Hindi word for printed cloth?

kalyko cloth, “white cotton cloth,” from an alternative form of Calicut (modern Kozhikode), name of the seaport on the Malabar coast of India where Europeans first obtained it. In U.S. use from c. 1800, “printed cotton cloth coarser than muslin;” extended to animal colorings suggestive of printed calicos in 1807, originally of horses, of cats from 1882. The place-name (mentioned by Ptolemy as kalaikaris) is Tamil, said to mean “fort of Kalliai.”

#6. In Hindu mythology what name is given to the female counterparts of Gandharwas?

#7. Which 'roti' is traditionally not made in Hindu homes because it requires and upturned tava(pan), a sign of mourning?

#8. The name of which community of drummers in South India gave origin to the English word 'pariah'?

“member of a low caste in southern India, shunned as unclean,” from Portuguese paria or directly from Tamil (Dravidian) paraiyar, plural of paraiyan “drummer” (at festivals, the hereditary duty of members of the largest of the lower castes of southern India), from parai “large festival drum.” “Especially numerous at Madras, where its members supplied most of the domestics in European service” [OED]. Applied by Hindus and Europeans to any members of low Hindu castes and even to outcastes. Extended meaning “social outcast” is attested by 1819.

#9. In the Mahabharata, who was Abhimanyu's mother?

#10. In which Indian state would you be if you travelled in a boat called 'doonga'?


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