N2 :Under Water Facts

  1. Some sea spiders that live on the bottom of the ocean have a proboscis that looks like a straw. They stick this into the animals and suck out their juices. Scientists have yet to name these blind spiders.
  2. Scientists who study fish are called Ichthyologists.
  3. A group of herring is called a siege. A group of jellyfish is called a smack.
  4. Piranhas are feared as man-eaters, but most species eat fruits, seeds and fish.
  5. Oils from the orange roughy, a seep-sea fish from New Zealand, are used in making shampoo.
  6. The blue whale’s aorta ( main blood vessel) is so broad that a human could crawl through it.
  7. A damaged reef may take twenty to fifty years to recover. Those seriously harmed by slit or pollution may never recover.
  8. The fastest human can run at 8 kilometres per hour. A Swordfish can swim as fast as 130 kilometres per hour. The slowest fish in the ocean is the seahorse. It moves at0.016kph.
  9. The deadliest fish in the world is the stonefish. It has sharp and poisonous spines, and blends in with stones, lookin just like them.
  10. An atoll is a circle of coral reef a=often built on the crater rim of a volcano.
  11. June 8 is celebrated as Ocean day.
  12. Like humans, whales too have bellybuttons.
photo of a turtle swimming underwater
Photo by Belle Co on Pexels.com

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