National Education Policy 2020

PART 1: School Education

Chapter 2

Foundation Literacy and Numeracy

CHAPTER 2: Foundation Literacy and Numeracy

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CHAPTER 2: Foundation Literacy and Numeracy

                                   to draw women instructors from local communities to  

  1. What number of children’s have not attained foundational literacy and numeracy according to governmental and non-governmental surveys.

A) Less than 1 crore

B) Between 1 crore to 3 crores

C) More than 5 crores

D) Less than 5 crores

  1. What are the primary causes of learning crisis?
  1. Lack of school-preparedness
  2. Teacher capacity
  3. Teacher deployment
  4. Health and nutrition
  5. Too little curricular emphasis on foundational literacy and numeracy
  6. Language barriers
  7. All the above
  1. ____________ and _____________ preventing large amount of children’s from being able to pay proper attention in schools.
  1. Attaining foundational literacy and numeracy for all children must become immediate national mission and an indispensable, non-negotiable part of the curriculum.
  1. True
  2. False
  1. Match the following.
  2. 1. NTP                       A. A special section in National teachers’ portal which has high 

                                   quality of resources on foundation literacy and Numeracy

  1. DIKSHA               B. Programme established for a temporary 10-year project

                                 help students who have fallen behind.

  1. RIAP                        C.  Develops a curriculum framework, syllabus and

                                         pedagogical strategy for this school preparation module

                                        and it will be distributed to Grade 1 teachers.                                     

  1. NCERT                    D.  Programme which is established to draw the bes performers                    in each school up to five hours a week as tutors during the

                                   school for helping fellow students.

  1. Large-scale public service announcements, media campaigns, and direct communications between schools and their communities will be prioritized to maximize involvement of passionate citizens across the country which will help in recruiting community members and volunteers for the __________ and ___________ programmes.
  1. ________________ and _____________ will be hired to school complexes to work with students, parents, teachers, tutors, IAs, and community members to help ensure the retention in school and the mental health of all children.
  1. What percentage of teacher’s attendance is required to ensure proper PTR?
  1. 50 Percent
  2. 50-75 Percent
  3. 90 Percent
  4. 100 Percent
  1. For a strong foundational literacy and Numeracy what ratio of Pupil Teacher is required.
  1. Above 30:1 
  2. Under 30:1
  3. No need to maintain any ratio.
  4. 1:1
  1. Collaboration with parents and parental participation will not play any role in optimizing learning due to parents’ literacy, numeracy, and educational status.
  1. True
  2. False
  1. Teachers _____________ and ____________during  pre-service and in-service will have a renewed emphasis on the teaching of foundational literacy and numeracy and it will also include strategies for: more interactive classrooms with less rote learning; adaptive and formative assessment; and how best to use tutors, remedial instructors, and technology.
  1. _________________ensure that students have the required learning readiness and prerequisite learning levels prior to starting the usual Grade 1 syllabus.
  1.  The school and classroom curriculum and schedules for Grades 1-5 will be redesigned to focus on foundational literacy and numeracy, and to build a love for reading and mathematics among students. Illustratively, initiatives in this direction would include:
  1. Classroom Mathematics and real-life mathematics
  2. Storytelling, theatre, group reading, writing and display of original writings.
  3. Puzzle solving sessions.
  4. Language melas and mathematics melas
  5. Dedicated mathematics, writing hours and reading hours.
  6. Language weeks and Mathematics weeks
  7. All the above.
  1. Two key factors that will determine the effectiveness of this initiative will be ensuring that IAs are selected on ___________________ and ___________________.
  1. Various technological interventions will be made available to teachers, especially as computers, tablets, smartphones, and the relevant software will become widely available. Such interventions will include ________________ and ______________ on smartphones and tablets in various regional languages that teach literacy, numeracy, and other foundational and curriculum material, and carry out _________________ and other _______________________.

Question Paper Key

  1. C
  2. F
  3. Hunger and Malnutrition
  4. A) True
  5. (1, D), (2, A), (3, B), (4, C)
  6. NTP & RIAP
  7. Social workers and Counsellors
  8. D
  9. B(False)
  10. Education and Development
  11. School Preparation Module
  12. G
  13. Merit and Without Nepotism
  14. Apps, games, adaptive assessments, personalized learnings.

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