School Education

Chapter 3

Reintegrating Dropouts and Ensuring Universal Access to Education

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CHAPTER 3: Reintegrating Dropouts and Ensuring Universal Access to Education

  1. According to Unified District Information System for Education what is Gross Enrolment Ration for Grade 1-5 in 2016-2017?

A) Less than 50%

B) 50% to 75 %

C) 75% to 90%

D) Above 95%

  1. The top priority of the country is to bring dropped out children back into the educational fold as early as possible, and to prevent further students from dropping out.
  1. True
  2. False
  1. What is the reason behind children’s large number of school dropouts?
  1. Problem of access to schools
  2. Socio-cultural and economic issues
  3. Children’s do not find school interesting or useful.
  4. Inadequate infrastructure and lack of safety
  5. Unhealthy food habits and lack of good sanitation
  6. All the above
  1. Social workers and _____________ recruited to school complexes will continuously work with students, parents, teachers, and communities to ensure that all school-age children are attending and learning in school.
  1. Attaining foundational literacy and numeracy for all children must become immediate national mission and an indispensable, non-negotiable part of the curriculum.
  1. True
  2. False
  1. NTP and __________ will enable Social workers to help in tracking student attendance and work towards bringing dropouts back into school.
  1. Especially for which grades the number and coverage of schools/sections will be increased at all levels to work towards achieving 100% GER.
  1. Grades 1-5
  2. Grades 1-12
  3. Grades 6 -8
  4. Grades 9-12
  1. The availability of free and compulsory quality secondary education will be included as an integral part of the RTE Act to ensure that, by 2030, all students enroll and participate in quality school education through Grade 12.
  1. True
  2. False
  1. To address access gaps in infrastructure what strategy are need to be deployed
  1. Increasing intake capacity of existing schools
  2. Building new educational facilities in under-served or un-served locations
  3. Consolidating existing stand-alone primary, upper primary, secondary, and higher secondary schools into composite schools.
  4. All the above
  1. Match the following.
  2. CWSN                   A. By establishing this state will be encouraged to develop state

                                   Analogues of these offerings in regional languages.

  1. SIOS                      B. will continue to offer Open Basic Education for learners aged

                                    above 14 years, including adolescents and adults.

  1. NIOS                        C.  will be strengthened and expanded to increase the participation

                                        in quality schools (up to Grade 12) of girls from socio-

                                   economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

  1. KGBV                       D.  Requires transport facilities such as school buses, organized 

                                              walking groups, paid escorts or a transport allowance to ensure

                                         safe transport.

  1. Providing effective and sufficient infrastructure and achieve universal students are two initiatives must be taken to bring children’s who have dropped out back to school and to prevent children’s from dropping out.
  1. True
  2. False
  1. To enable multiple pathways to learning one of the thrusts would be to develop and utilize innovative educational platforms involving the use of technology, including the development and sharing of e-resources and promotion of ________________ and introduction of assessment on demand.
  1. For what aged drop out students there will be given alternate options to attend adult literacy programmes to gain foundational and functional literacy.
  1. Age 0-5
  2. Age 5-10 
  3. Above Age 15
  4. For all the ages students
  1. What things to be keep in mind and addressed to create effective school infrastructure
  1.  Transport facilities
  2. Hostel facilities
  3. Security to girl children’s
  4. All the above
  1. In place of security guards and police we need to have safe infrastructure like building roads and conveyances for addressing student’s safety and to bring them back to school.
  1. True
  2. False

Question Paper Key

  1. D
  2. A
  3. F
  4. Counsellors
  5. A) True
  6. RIAP
  7. D
  8. A) True
  9. (1, D), (2, A), (3, B), (4, C)
  10. A) True
  11. E-Learning
  12. C
  13. D
  14. B) False

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