q14 gk world tourism day-1(27th september)


Since 1980, the United Nations World Tourism Organization has celebrated World Tourism Day as international observances on September 27. This date was chosen as on that day in 1970, the Statutes of the UNWTO were adopted. The adoption of these Statutes is considered a milestone in global tourism. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness on the role of tourism within the international community and to demonstrate how it affects social, cultural, political and economic values worldwide

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1.Where is Tajmahal located?

a) Agra           

  b) brundavan

 c) Mathura

  d ) Lucknow

2.Which Indian state is famous for boating activities on its back waters?

a) Karnataka

b) Kerala        

 c) Gujarat      

  d ) Punjab

3. Which is the tallest mountain in Indian Territory?\

a)Godwin Austin       

  b) Nanga parbat

 c) Kanchen Junga      

  d ) Leitkor peak

4. Where is the largest museum of India located?’

a) Kolkata      

  b) bangalopre

 c) New Delhi 

 d Mumbai

5. Which is city is known as the Silicon city of India?

a) Hyderabad 

  b) Mumbai    

 c) Chennai     

  d ) Bangalore

6. The famous  cricket stadium with largest seating capacity in India is named what ?

a) Firozsha kotla Delhi

  b) Eden Garden kolkata

c) Chepauk Cyhennai 

 d ) Chinna swami Bangalore

7. What is the port town of India where the Portuguese first reached?

a) kolkata       

  b) bombay    

 c) Madras

 d ) Calicut

8.Which place is known as the centre for meditation in the southern most part of India?

a) Vivekananda Rock

  b) Netaji Yogic Institute

c) Gandhiji Institue for meditation    

  d ) Yogananda Memorial

9.Name the remains of St. Xavier which is known as the world heritage site in Inida??

a) St. Francis Xavier Church, Cochin 

b) St.Blaisc  Mumbai 

c) St. James Mar Church Delhi

d ) St. Xavier Church Goa

10. Which Indian hill station is known as the queen of hills?


  b) Darjeeling

c) Shimla        

  d ) Shillong

11. Ankaleshwar in India is known for production of ____________.

a) Petroleum      

b) coal              

c) Iron ore         

d)  Bauxite

12.Arakon Yoma is the extension of Himalayas located in _________________.

a) Kashmir

 b) Nepal        

 c) Beluchistan             

d ) Myanmar

13. Where is Konkan Railway project situated?

a) Kerala         

  b) Tamilnadu

 c) Mumbai

 d ) Andhra Pradesh

14. Diesel locomotive works situated in ———————-.

a) Perumbudur             

b) Varanasi     

c) Kapurtala 

d ) Bangaloare

15. India’s newsprint industry is located in……………………..

a) Indore

 b) Dehradun    

c) Nepanagar  

  d ) Nagpur

16. Railway staff college is located in?

a) Bengaluru   

  b) Secunderabad      

c) Vadodara   

 d ) kolkata

17. The passenger bogies of India Railways are manufactured at……………………….


  b) Chittaranjan         

 c) Perumbudur          

 d ) Bangaluru

18. In which place of Uttar Pradesh The Bharat Kala Bhawanis situated?

a) Agra

 b) Allahabad

c) Varanasi     

  d) Lucknow

19. Where is Central Rice research institute located?

a) Hyderabad 

  b) Mumbai

c) Cuttack      

 d ) Bangalore

20. Where is International Advanced research for powder metallaurgy and new materials located  ?

a) Bangalore     

b) Hyderabad 

 c) coimabatore           

  d ) Machilipatnam

21. Tajmahal was built on the bank of Which river ?


  b)       Krishna

c)         Bhagirathi      


22.In which Indian state capital city Sanchi stupa located ?

a)Andhra Pradesh      

b)Madhya Pradesh     

c)Uttar Pradesh          

d)Himachal pradesh

23.Fatehpur sikhri is famous for which of the following ?

a)Panch mahal



d)None of these

24.Which of the Following Lake is located in Udaipur ?

a)Karanji lake 

b)Pichola lake 


d)Kolleru lake

25.In which indian city Tower of Silence is located ?






Quiz 1 1.a  2.b            3.c       4.a       5.d       6.b       7.d       8.d       9.d       10.a     11.a     12.d     13.c     14.b     15.c            16.c     17.c     18.c     19.c     20.b     21.d     22.b     23.a     24.b     25.d

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