Q 3.4 Library Associations

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1. Which of the following is not a characteristic of Special Libraries?

a) Special libraries, generally, exist to serve specific clientele.

b) They are  designed to meet the information needs of the general public.

 c) their collections are much smaller.

d) Staffed with specially trained professionals, they offer need based services to specialists.

2. Identify the big industrial and business establishments’ libraries.

a)library of AT&T’s Bell Laboratories

b) Library International Business Machines (IBM)

c) Library of Westinghouse Electric Corporation the big industrial and business establishments’ libraries.

d) All of the above

3. Expand NII.

a) National Information Infrastructure

b) National Information Institute

c) National Informatics Investment

d) Natural Information Institute

4. Expand FTP.

a) File Transmit Process

b) File Transfer Protocol

c) File Tethered Port

d) File Texted Prototype

5. What is WIAS?

a) World Association of Information Societies

b) Wild Animals Information System

c) Web Analysed Information Systems

d) Wide Area Information Servers

6. What is HTML?

a) Hypertext Mark-up Language

b) Hyper Tele Metered Language

c) Highly Textured Main Library

c) Head of  Technical  Model Library

7. What is the full form of WWW?

a) World Wild Web

b) World-wide web

c) Wild World web

c) Wide Web World

8. Expand IITF.

a) International Information Torment Fund

b) Information Infrastructure Task Force

c) Intellectual Information Teaching Fund

d) International Information Task Force

9. When was British Library Association ( LAUK) established?

a) 1879

b) 1884

c) 1937

d) 1877

10. What was Association for Information Management ( ASLIB) formally known ?

a) Association of Special Libraries and Information Bureau

b) American Library Society

c) American Society of Libraries

d) All Science Libraries Bureau

11. When was ASLIB established?

a) 1923

b) 1934

c) 1926

d) 1956

12.  What is ALA?

a) American Language Association

b) African Languages Association

c) American Library Association

d) African Libraries Association

13. When was American Library Association established?

a) 1871

b) 1884

c) 1930

d) 1876

14. What is SLA?

a) Special Library Association

b) Srilanka Library Association

c) Social Library Association

d) Science Library Association

15. When is SLA established?

a) 1923

b) 1934

c) 1926

d) 1909

16. What is ASIS?

a) African Society for Information Science

b) American Society for Information Science

c) Association of Social Sciences Institutes

d) All Special Information Systems

17. When is ASIS established?

a) 1937

b) 1934

c) 1926

d) 1909

ANSWER KEY: 1.b             2.d          3.a          4.b         5.d          6.a          7.b          8.b          9.d          10.a        11.c        12.c        13.d       14.a 15.d       16.b       17.c       

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