Quiz 3.3 Library Science (Development of Libraries in USA)

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Quiz 3.4  Library Science ( Development of Libraries in USA)

1. Identify the Some of the well-known private libraries during colonial period in USA:  (1) William Brewster of Plymouth Colony, (2) John Winthrop, Governor of Connecticut, (3) Col. William Byrd of Westover, Virginia, and (4) James Logan of Philadelphia.

a) 1 ,2 and 3

b) 2,3 and 4

c) only 2 and 4

d) 1,2,3 and 4

2. The credit for establishing what may be called the first public library in US can be given to:

a) Boston.

b) Chicago

c) Newyork

d) Illinois

3. Identify the  Anglican clergyman who set up more than 70 libraries during the period 1695-1704?

a) Robert Keane

b) Thomas Bray

c) Benjamin Franklin

d) Andrew Carnegie

4. Which of the following associations assisted Thomas Bray in creating literary centres?

a) the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge

b) the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts

c) both a  & b

d) none of the above

5. Who was a pioneer in starting social libraries?

a) Robert Keane

b) Thomas Bray

c) Benjamin Franklin

d) Andrew Carnegie

6. Who floated a company in 1793 called the Library Company of Philadelphia?

a) Robert Keane

b) Thomas Bray

c) Benjamin Franklin

d) Andrew Carnegie

7. Franklin’s library was often referred to as ……….

a) the mother of the social library in America.

b) the pioneer of the social library in America.

c) the pathfinder of the social library in America.

d) the father of the social library in America.

8. Identify the  well known subscription libraries in USA :

(a) the Redwood Library of Newport

(b) the New York Society Library of New York city

 (c) the Charleston Library Society of Charleston

(d) all the above

9. Who mooted the idea of  formation of school district libraries?

a)  Governor of New York, Dewitt Clinton

b) Thomas Bray

c) Benjamin Franklin

d) Andrew Carnegie

10. The credit for establishing a free public library in the modern sense of public libraries goes to……

a) Newyork

b)Municipality of Boston

c)Mayor of Chicago

d) Peterborough in New Hampshire.

11. When was  the first general library law enacted at the national level in America?

a) 1976

b) 1930


d) 1934

12. The New York Public Library was a creation of ….

a) Philanthropy

b) Mercantile

c) Crowdfunding

d) Govt Grant

13. Who became the first director of The Astor Library opened in 1854?

a) Robert Keane

b) Thomas Bray

c) Cogswell

d) Andrew Carnegie

14. Who opened a reference library in New York in 1870?

 a) James Lenox

b) Thomas Bray

c) Brewster

d) Robert Keayne

15. Who is the greatest single benefactor to the public library cause?

a)  Robert Keayne

b) Thomas Bray

c) Benjamin Franklin

d) Andrew Carnegie

16. How many National Libraries are there in US?

a)  5

b) 3

c) 6

d) 1

17. Identify the largest among National Libraries in US?

a) NAL


c) LC


18. What is the predecessor of NML?

a)Army Medical Library

b) General Medical Library

c) City Medical Library

d) Carneigie Medical Library

19. Expand MEDLARS?

a) Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval  Science

b) Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System

c) Medical Libraies Analysis and Retrieval System

d) Medical Libraries Association and Reformation Society

20. Expand NAL?

a) National Aluminium Limited

b) National Association of Libraries

c) National Agricultural Library

d) National American Librarry

ANSWER KEY: 1.d             2.a          3.b          4.c         5.c          6.c          7.a          8.d          9.a          10.d       11.C       12.a        13.c        14.a 15.d       16.b       17.c        18.a        19. b  20.c

Additional information:

Q2. In 1653, Robert Keayne, a Boston merchant, bequeathed in his will an amount of £ 300 for setting up a room in the Town House to establish a library for public use. His wish was fulfilled and a library was set up in the Town House. It survived for nearly a century until it was consumed by a major fire in 1749.

q.10. The credit for establishing a free public library in the modern sense of public libraries goes to Peterborough in New Hampshire. In 1823, the Peterborough Municipal Council made a provision in its budget to set up a free public library. Legislative measures in the USA can be traced back to 1848. The Boston Public Library was established by an Act passed by the General Court of Massachusetts in 1848. In the very next year, New Hampshire legally authorised the cities and towns under its control to establish libraries and also made provision to levy a separate tax for funding the libraries.

Q17. What started in the first decade of this century as a service to distribute catalogue cards grew to the printing of the National Union Catalog in the fourth decade and eventually led to Machine Readable Cataloging (MARC) tapes in the sixth decade. LC has played a very important role in other national library activities to include a number of projects, to find better techniques and methods of library and information services, not only in the USA but also internationally

Q18. The two other national libraries are the National Library of Medicine (NML) and the National Agricultural Library (NAL). NML emerged in the 1950s directly from its predecessor, the Army Medical Library. It serves practising medical professionals and medical science researchers, not only in the USA but throughout the world through its Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System (MEDLARS) and MEDLINE services. Medlars is a sophisticated computerised

storage and retrieval system that grew from Index Medicus, NML’s paper-based index to current literature. The holdings of NML are nearing a million.

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