1. Break a leg - Meaning: Good luck. Usage: Used as a friendly way to wish someone luck.
  1. Cut to the chase – Meaning: Get to the point quickly. Usage: Used when you want someone to skip the details and get to the main point of a conversation.
  2. Let the cat out of the bag – Meaning: Reveal a secret. Usage: Used to describe when someone accidentally or purposefully tells a secret that was previously unknown.
  3. Under the weather – Meaning: Not feeling well. Usage: Used to describe when someone is feeling sick or not in their best condition.
  4. Get cold feet – Meaning: To become nervous or afraid. Usage: Describes when someone is scared or hesitant about moving forward with a plan or decision.
  5. Face the music – Meaning: Accept consequences for actions. Usage: Used to encourage someone to take responsibility for their actions and deal with the consequences.
  6. Barking up the wrong tree – Meaning: To be mistaken about something. Usage: Used to indicate that someone is wrong about their assumption or is heading in the wrong direction.
  7. Beat around the bush – Meaning: Avoiding the main issue/topic at hand. Usage: Used when someone avoids getting to the point or addressing an issue directly.
  8. Take with a grain of salt – Meaning: Don’t take it too seriously/critically. Usage: Used when taking advice, criticism, or any other type of information with caution and skepticism.
  9. The best of both worlds – Meaning: Having multiple advantages at once. Usage: Describes when two seemingly opposing options can be combined in order to achieve benefits from both of them

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