1. What is the capital of Brazil?
    a) Rio de Janeiro
    b) Brasília
    c) São Paulo
    d) Belo Horizonte

Answer: b) Brasília

  1. Which planet is known as the Red Planet?
    a) Venus
    b) Mars
    c) Jupiter
    d) Saturn

Answer: b) Mars

  1. Who painted the famous portrait of Mona Lisa?
    a) Leonardo da Vinci
    b) Michelangelo
    c) Vincent van Gogh
    d) Pablo Picasso

Answer: a) Leonardo da Vinci

  1. Which country is known as the Land of the Rising Sun?
    a) China
    b) Japan
    c) South Korea
    d) Thailand

Answer: b) Japan

  1. What is the world’s largest ocean?
    a) Arctic Ocean
    b) Indian Ocean
    c) Atlantic Ocean
    d) Pacific Ocean

Answer: d) Pacific Ocean

  1. Who is the current President of the United States?
    a) Donald Trump
    b) Joe Biden
    c) Barack Obama
    d) George W. Bush

Answer: b) Joe Biden

  1. Which river is the longest in the world?
    a) Nile River
    b) Amazon River
    c) Yangtze River
    d) Mississippi River

Answer: a) Nile River

  1. Who wrote the novel “1984”?
    a) Ernest Hemingway
    b) George Orwell
    c) J.K. Rowling
    d) William Shakespeare

Answer: b) George Orwell

  1. Which country is the largest producer of oil in the world?
    a) Saudi Arabia
    b) Russia
    c) United States
    d) China

Answer: a) Saudi Arabia

  1. Who is the founder of Facebook?
    a) Mark Zuckerberg
    b) Bill Gates
    c) Steve Jobs
    d) Jeff Bezos

Answer: a) Mark Zuckerberg

  1. What is the currency of Japan?
    a) Yen
    b) Won
    c) Euro
    d) Dollar

Answer: a) Yen

  1. Which country is the smallest in the world by land area?
    a) Monaco
    b) Liechtenstein
    c) San Marino
    d) Vatican City

Answer: d) Vatican City

  1. Who discovered penicillin?
    a) Marie Curie
    b) Alexander Fleming
    c) Albert Einstein
    d) Isaac Newton

Answer: b) Alexander Fleming

  1. What is the capital city of Spain?
    a) Barcelona
    b) Madrid
    c) Seville
    d) Valencia

Answer: b) Madrid

  1. What is the largest animal on Earth?
    a) Blue whale
    b) African elephant
    c) Polar bear
    d) Giraffe

Answer: a) Blue whale

  1. Who painted the famous painting “The Starry Night”?
    a) Leonardo da Vinci
    b) Vincent van Gogh
    c) Pablo Picasso
    d) Rembrandt

Answer: b) Vincent van Gogh

  1. What is the currency of Australia?
    a) Euro
    b) Pound sterling
    c) Australian dollar
    d) Japanese yen

Answer: c) Australian dollar

  1. Who is the current Prime Minister of Canada?
    a) Justin Trudeau
    b) Stephen Harper
    c) Jean Chrétien
    d) Paul Martin

Answer: a) Justin Trudeau

  1. What is the capital of Italy?
    a) Milan
    b) Rome
    c) Florence
    d) Naples

Answer: b) Rome

  1. Which country is home to the Great Barrier Reef?
    a) Australia
    b) Indonesia
    c) Philippines
    d) Thailand

Answer: a) Australia

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