It is good to practice previous years papers, to modify our preparation towards a particular exam.
Here are 20 questions taken from previous papers of KVS. These questions belong to General English section only.



Direction: Improve the underlined phrase. If necessary, with the help of given options

#1. If I had not told you, You will not know the truth.

Direction : Choose the meaning that best suits the following idiom.

#2. Be bound up with.

Out of the given alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the word in brackets.

#3. A number of tenants have been (evicted) for not paying the rent.

Complete the sentence given below by choosing the correct form of verb from options that follow.

#4. Jim came yesterday. I do not know whether he _________ today.

Improve the phrase in the brackets, if necessary with the help of given options.

#5. George was (laid to a rest) beside his parents

Direction : Identify the phrase in the following sentence that may be erroneous

#6. The training programme(A) / takes a form of(B) / a series of workshops(C)/ for the LDCS and UDCS(D)


#7. Direction : Choose the expression that best describes the word HOODLUM.

Direction : Choose the word most nearly opposite in meaning to the given word.


Direction : Complete the sentence given below by using the correct form of the verb from the options that follow

#9. 10. I do not bother much about money. I ________ about it all my life.


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