Computers have become an indispensable part of our daily life. From our pockets to our homes, offices, and cars – computers are everywhere. They help us perform mundane tasks, entertain us, keep us connected, solve complex problems, and more.

In the 21st century, computers are used in almost every industry. From healthcare and education to banking, defense, and information technology, nothing works without computers. We use computers to stay organized, manage our finances, research, shop, communicate, and even socialize.

Charles Babbage is regarded as the father of computers. From large sized machines then to small machines in hand in this modern day, the journey of computers greatly shaped human life and now we can not imagine a world without computers. In our daily life, computers have an immense influence and importance. We use it for almost all of our activities, and we find them everywhere we look. Computers are in our workplace and our homes, and at school, university and even at our doorsteps.

In workplaces, computers are used for designing, managing data and for communication. They are also used for meetings, taking orders, processing of payroll, data entry and processing, accounting and financial management, HR services, and many more. They replaced humans in many places, and at some places humans who can operate computers replaced those who cannot operate computers.

From primary schools to space technology computers have become indispensable part. They made our life easier. They added ease and innovation to human life. It became easy to predict natural calamities and save lives. They help in education, entertainment, music and everything.

Computers revolutionized the way we learn and be entertained. They have become fundamental to communications, whether it’s the texting, instant messaging, or social media. They allow us to work efficiently and effectively. Computers are used to design products, create architectural drawings, and analyze large datasets.

Computers- an integral part of human life

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