This quiz is useful for the aspirants of Library Science. Students appearing for UGC NET, SLET, KVS Librarian and NVS Librarian and DSSSB Librarian etc. can practice these exams. This is designed to give conceptual clarity.

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#1. When was Classified Catalogue Code (CCC) published?

Ranganathan published his Classified Catalogue Code (CCC) in 1934. The Code went through five editions during his lifetime.

#2. Identify the standard lists which are commonly used in libraries for deciding the subject headings for documents?

#3. Wha is the method of deriving subject headings using Ranganathan's classification principles called?

#4. Identify the entries with call or class numbers in their leading section?

#5. What is the "Specific Entry giving maximum information about the whole of a document."?

#6. Which Index Entries direct the user to the Classified Part of the catalogue where materials on different subjects are arranged in a filiatory sequence with an indication of the relevant Class Number?

#7. Which entries are specific Added Word Entries provided for a document?

#8. The the type of entry that "usually directs the readers attention from one heading to another synonymous one in the Alphabetical Part"?

In the Classified Catalogue, a Cross Reference Index Entry may be one of the following five types:

Alternative Name Entry
Variant-Form-of-Word Entry
Pseudonym-Real-Name Entry
Editor-of-Series Entry and
Generic-Name Entr

#9. What are also known as ` Analytical Entries'?

#10. References are of _____types.

References are of two types; `See’ Reference and `See also’ Reference See also References are provided when there are entries in a catalogue under both Referred-From and Referred-to heading forms.

#11. Dr. Ranganathan's chain procedure is meant for

#12. Multiple Access points in a Catalogue are provided by

#13. AACR-1 was published in

#14. AACR-2 was published in

#15. Sear list of subject headings is published by


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