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Participative Management and Total Quality Management (TQM) in libraries appear Well suited for each other. Both are “two systems of continuous improvement and centred on the needs of customers”. In participative management individuals or employees share in the vision making process and arrive at decisions. The structures and styles of participative management create conditions at work which enable staff to realize their potential, make greater use of their professional training and thus Improve the effectiveness of the service Bred. But Total Quality Management is a process which focuses on understanding customer needs and improving customer service and satisfaction. The TQM approach shifts the focus continuous improvement in systems and processes. Its motto could be “continue to improve it even if it aren’t broke.” Continuous improvement rests on the simple premise that a structured, problem-solving process produces better results than an unstructured one. Instead of just trying to “do better”
in an undefined, intuitive way, continuous improvement can enable libraries to set measurable goals based on quantitative performance indicators, and to monitor progress towards those goals.

Mechanistic : Operational activities are based within the framework of procedural rules and directives, designed to deal with a specified range of situations.
Process : In organization development, the way in which people in groups behave and interact when they are setting objectives, solving problems or introducing changes.
Self-actualisation : A persons characterized states of maturity, independence self-understanding and a positive attitude toward developing and integrating his capabilities, talents and
aspirations in terms of the opportunities within his environment.
Stake Holders : Persons who take an interest in the library, or who have the capacity to influence its ability to achieve its objectives.

Standardization : A means of achieving economy of production

Strategy : The skill or process of planning, organizing and directing all available resources, personnel or course of action toward reaching certain objectives

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