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Which of the phrases (a),(b),(c), and (d) given below should replace the phrase given in the brackets in the following sentences to make the sentence grammatically correct. If the sentence is correct and needs no improvement, select option(e),i.e., “No correction required” as your answer.



#1. He cannot succeed in business because he works ( by fits and starts).

#2. It is time the ten year old (is earning how) to dance.

#3. What is the time(in ) your watch?

#4. What (are) needed are not big schools with less committed teachers but small schools with committed teachers.

#5. Before I met Swathi, I ( had had ) a poor opinion of her.

#6. You may appoint( whoever you think ) can do the job most efficiently.

#7. The plan (broke open) for want of funds.

#8. I often see him (dancing) the top.

#9. She was too clever to ( see through his tricks).

#10. On hearing the blasting sound, he stopped and ( got down from) his bicycle.


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