What are Capitonyms?

A capitonym is a word whose meaning changes based on whether or not it is capitalized. Capitonyms are a variation on multiple meaning words, or homonyms. They have the same spelling, but different meanings. Capitonyms spelling lists can include nouns, verbs, or adjectives.

Capitonym= A word whose meaning changes when it is capitalised.

March = a month
march= soldiers march

August= a month
august = impressive and respected

China= a country
china = a type of clay

Polish = of Poland
polish= polish your shoe

Lent=the 40 days before Easter
lent= past form of lend

Mark= a proper noun, Mark Waugh
mark= write, evaluate, a spot etc.

Hamlet= a work by Shakespeare

hamlet= village

Below is a poem to explain it better.

Get Ready, Get Ready

We expect an august friend in August
So, all of you- look to your best

Polish your Polish shoes
All the pairs of same hues

As you march in March
That’s the best practice, though parch

Bring the packed hyena
Which is made of china,

and was made in China

Get ready, get ready

Smt Suneela Jyotsna

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