It’s always fun to have a nick name for our friends. Similarly some of the Indian cities have interesting nick names based on their features, location and familiarity. This quiz and the next quiz will be about those interesting cities.

Welcome to your QUIZ 34: NICK NAMES OF INDIAN CITIES. This quiz is about the cities of India and their nick names. Happy learning!

September 21, 2023

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1. Which of the following is known as Temple city of India?

2. Banyan city of India?

3. Identify the Queen of the Mountains?

4.Identify Cashew capital of the world?

5. Which of the following is known as the City of Joy?

6. The gateway of Rayalaseema?

7.City of Nawabs?

8. White city of India?

9. What is the nick name of Pune?

10. Royal City of Punjab ?

11. Identify the silk city of India?

12. Which place in India is known as gateway of Dooars?

13. Identify the Detroit of Asia?

14. Akola in Maharashtra is popular as ?

15. Identify the Halwa City of India?

Quiz Prepared by:
Smt Geetha Pradana

M.Sc( Anthropology)M.L.I.Sc


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