School Education

Chapter 5


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  1. What are the key qualities of teachers, teacher education, school resourcing, and school culture that enable and ensure excellent teachers and teaching?

A) Teachers must be passionate, motivated, and well qualified, and well trained in content, pedagogy, and practice.

B) Teachers, and their schools, school complexes, and classrooms, must be well supplied with the learning resources.

C) Teachers must be valued, supported, respected – happy teachers and students make for excellent teaching and learning.

D) Teachers must feel part of a vibrant professional community.

E) All the above

  1. The high respect for teachers and the high status of the teaching profession must be revived and restored for the very best to be inspired to enter the profession.
  1. True
  2. False
  1. All schools will be provided with adequate physical infrastructure, facilities, and ____________ either individually or within their school complex.
  1. Teachers must be given constant opportunities for ___________________ and to learn the latest innovations and advances in their profession.
  1. By 2030 the necessary qualification for all teacher role will be
  1. Two years B.ED Programme
  2. Four years integrated B.Ed. Programme.
  3. Two year D.El.Ed. Programme
  4. Bachelors in any subject.
  1. Match the following based on the subject/ Skills and their impact on personal life.
  2. SCERT                     A. Designed to help schools catch up with backlog of falling

                                       behind, and neither the aides not the tutors are in any way a 

                                       replacement for the teacher

  1. DSE                           B. First screening of recruitment and it going to be improved

                                       and strengthen to ensure better testing of teacher capacities 

                                       and knowledge.

  1. TET                           C.  Reorient their functioning to support caring and inclusive

                                         school culture on a continuing basis

  1. RIAP                          D.  Will set the framework for reviewing Confirmation/tenure

                                          decisions based on multiple factors including peer review, 

                                          dedication, and classroom evaluation.

  1. There will be _______________ in service conditions for teachers across all stages of school education.
  1. No need to have career progression paths for teachers to become educational administrators or teacher educators.
  1. True
  2. False
  1. Match the following based on the subject/ Skills and their impact on personal life.

    1. 1.SPST         A. Developed by NCERT which can be useful to serve as starting

                               point to set professional standards for teacher. 

  1. PINDICS          B. Will determine all teacher career management, including tenure, 

                               professional development efforts, salary increases, promotions, 

                               and other recognitions.

  1. BEO &DEO      C.  In collaboration with NHERA Will take care of a sound legal

                                      strategy to weed out poorly performing programmes and shutting

                                      them down.

  1. RSA                  D.  Will take care of performance appraisal of head of school 


  1.  Teachers-in-training will learn about learning-centered and collaborative _________________ and they will be taught techniques to simultaneously teach students at multiple levels.
  1. The different tracks that teachers will be prepared for in a B.Ed. Programme will include
  1. Special education teachers
  2. Art teachers and subject teachers for secondary school
  3. Teachers for vocational education
  4. Physical education teachers
  5. All the above
  1. The professional standards to enter educational administration or teacher education will again be set by the NPST and SPSTs, and would require at a minimum outstanding teaching, in addition to requirements of leadership / management experience or training.

A) True

B)  False

  1. As per the redesigned CPD How many hours of CPD training per year rquired by Teachers across all platforms, as per their choosing.
  1. 10 hours
  2. 50 hours
  3. No training required.
  4. 20 hours
  1. The practice of assigning teachers to individual schools based on overall student-teacher ratios will be replaced by a much more careful assignment system based on the educational needs of children.
  1. True
  2. False
  1. Recruitment will be rigorous, impartial and ______________to find the best teachers, representing the high regard and respect in which they and their profession are held by society.

Question Paper Key

  1. E
  2. A) True
  3. Learning Resources
  4. Self-improvement
  5. B
  6. (1, D), (2, C), (3, B), (4, A)
  7. Parity
  8. B) False
  9. (1, B), (2, A), (3, D), (4, C)
  10. Learning Strategies
  11.  E
  12.  A) True
  13. B
  14. A) True
  15. Transparent

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