Hello! am I audible to you?

What was the last book you read?

We all know book reading is the queen of all hobbies, yet we have lot of excuses like busy schedule, whatsapp and so on.

What if you have an assistant who could read out books for you?

Wow! That looks amazing! is not it?

Audible from amazon can do it for you. Have a free trial for one month and listen to all your favourite books

Benefits of Audible: .

  • You can listen any where with standard pronunciation.
  • Millions of books in English and Hindi.
  • Additional original shows
  • Starts from where you left
  • Monthly one free book
  • You can return/exchange new book after reading one book
  • Free trail for one month and you can cancel your member ship any time.
  • You can listen to books while walking, exercising or simply sipping a cup of coffee.

If you wish to try a free trail and check how it listens, try it now.

Happy listening to books of your choice.

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