2 nd October is Gandhi Jayanti. Let us learn about Mahatma Gandhi.

We have two quizzes on Gandhi, each containing 25 questions.

Press the below link to attempt online quiz.

Pen-Paper mode of the above quiz is available below. Scroll down for answer key.

  1. Which of the following plays left a deep impression on Gandhiji?
    a. Harishchanadra
    b. Shravana kumar
    c. Both (a and b)
    d. Shakuntala
  2. Identify the statement which is not correct.
    a. Kasturba had never been to any schoo
    b. Kasturba’s father, Gokuldas Makanji, was a state official.
    c. CGandhiji and Kasturba were of about the same age.
    d. None of the above
  3. Gandhiji confessed his guilt of stealing for the purpose of smoking in a letter, promising never to steal in future and asking for adequate punishment. To whom was this letter addressed.
    a. Father
    b. Uncle
    c. Mother
    d. Eldest brother
  4. The money needed for Gandhiji’s journey and for his expenses in England were raised through.
    a. State help
    b. Bank credit
    c. Sale of ornaments
    d. Loan from a friend
  5. On his voyage to London Gandhiji had the benefit of the company of Tryambakrai Mazumdar, an experienced man of mature age. What was his profession?
    a. Doctor
    b. Lawyer
    c. Businessman
    d. State official
  6. About how old was Gandhiji when he reached London to become a barrister?
    a. 17 years
    b. 19 years
    c. 20 years
    d. 21 years
  7. The District Magistrate of which place asked Gandhiji to take off his turban in the court which refused and left the court promptly?
    a. Pretoria
    b. Durban
    c. Johannesburg
    d. Maritzburg
  8. In the Orange Free State the Indians were deprived of all their rights by a special law enacted in
    a. 1876
    b. 1880
    c. 1884
    d. 1888
  9. Gandhiji was the first Indian to be enrolled as an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Natal in 1894 in the month of
    a. September
    b. October
    c. November
    d. December
  10. Having successfully finished the work that he had undertaken, Gandhiji left South Africa for good on
    a. June 10,1914
    b. June 18,1914
    c. July 4,1914
    d. July 18,1914
  11. Gandhiji, the hero of the Satyagraha struggle of the Indians in South Africa, landed in Bombay on
    a. January 9,1915
    b. January 26,1915
    c. February 10,1915
    d. February 20,1915
  12. Identify the place from where Gandhiji started his recruiting campaign for the War on behalf of the British Government.
    a. Surat
    b. Ahmedabad
    c. Kheda
    d. Rajkot
  13. Gandhiji attended the Indian Natonal Congress for the first time in
    a. 1919
    b. 1920
    c. 1906
    d. 1901
  14. Gandhiji was against widowhood imposed by religion or custom. What reason did he give for it?
    a. It is an unbearable yoke
    b. It defies the home by secret vice
    c. It degrades religion.
    d. All the above
  15. Gandhiji stated in 1947: “if untouchabillity lives, Hinduism must die.” When did he start questioning the scourge of untouchability?
    a. Early in his boyhood
    b. During his stay in London
    c. Soon after reaching South Africa
    d. On his return to India from South Africa
  16. What did Gandhiji mean by “Swaraj”?
    a. Freedom from all restraint.
    b. Freedom for the meanest of the countrymen.
    c. Rule of the majority
    d. Freedom from foreign yoke
  17. Identify the author of Gandhi: His life and Thought
    a. J. B. Kripalani
    b. Radhakrishnan
    c. R.R. Diwakar
    d. Louis Fischer
  18. When was the International Gandhian Movement founded?
    a. 1994
    b. 1991
    c. 1990
    d. 1988
  19. When did Gandhiji make this observation that if the people scrupulously followed his programme, swaraj should dawn within a year?
    a. 1918
    b. 1920
    c. 1922
    d. 1924
  20. Who of the following leaders of the bar, enjoying princely income, heralded the boycott of legal profession on the call given by Gandhiji?
    a. Motilal Nehru
    b. C. R. Das
    c. Both (a) and (b)
    d. Tej Bahadur Sapru.
  21. One of the eminent Gandhians gave the slogan ‘Jai Jagat’. Who was he?
    a. Lal Bahadur Shastri
    b. Rajendra Prasad
    c. Vinoba Bhave
    d. Kaka Kalelkar
  22. Who first hailed Gandhiji as ‘Mahatma’ when he returned to the country after his successful struggle in South Africa?
    a. G.k. Gokhale
    b. Lajpat Rai
    c. C.R. Das
    d. Rabindranath Tagore
  23. Who described Gandhiji as “the greatest Indian Since Gautama Buddha and the Greatest man since Jesus Christ”?
    a. Nelson Mandela
    b. Horace Alexander
    c. J.H.Holmes
    d. Kenneth K. Kanunda
  24. On being arrested for his ‘Quit India’ programme, where was Gandhiji detained?
    a. Yeravda Jail
    b. Aga Khan palace
    c. Ahmednagar Fort
    d. Ahmedabad Prison
  25. Which of the following slowing slogans is associated with the name of Gandhiji?
    a. Do or die
    b. Jai Jawan Jai Kisan
    c. Swaraj is my birth right
    d. Inquilab Zindabad.

1.C 2.B 3.A 4.D 5.B 6.B 7.B 8.D 9.A 10.D 11.A 12.C 13.D 14.D 15.A 16.B 17.A 18.B 19.B 20.C 21.C 22.D 23.C 24.D 25.A


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