Q 11GK National Sports Day Quiz-2 Junior Level – MCQ

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1. Ranji trophy is associated with:

a) cricket

b) Basket Ball


d) Hockey

2. The term ‘ Chukker’ is associated with?

a)  Foot ball


c) Cricket

d) Hockey

3.  What  is the national game of USA?

a) Cricket

b) soccer

c) Baseball

 d) Hockey

4. What is the national game of Australia?

a) Cricket

b) Hockey

c) Kabaddi

d) Chess

5. Pullela Gopichand is famous for

a) Football

b) Boxing

c) Chess


6. Who is the first batsman  to score the first ever double century in ODI s?

a) Kapildev

b) Sunil Gavaskar

c) Sachin Tendulkar

d) Lala Amarnath

7.  India won  its second Cricket world cup in the year..

a) 1983

b) 2011

c) 2003

d) 1975

8. The term “ jab” belongs to …

 a) Football

b) Boxing

c) Chess


9.Which of the following terms is not associated with Volleyball?

a)  Deuce

b) Booster

c) Penalty Stroke

d) Love

10. Where were the Olympic  games-2016  organized?

a) Beijing

b) Rio de Janeiro


d) Tokyo

11. No of Players in Rugby Football?

a) 11

b) 12

c) 7

d) 15

12. No of Players in Polo?

a) 11

b) 12

c) 7

d) 4

13. In which sport the participant is called pugilist?

a) Polo

b) Ludo

c) Boxing

d) Hockey

14. Dimensions of Kho-Kho field are:

a) 30 x 20 mtrs

b) 34 x 16 mtrs

c)  20 x 24 mtrs

d) 30 x 16 mtrs

15.With which one of the following sports is Fernando Alonso associated?

a) Billiards

b) Ferrari

c) Snooker

d) Tennis

16. Which of the following Twenty-20 Cricket Rules is not correctly stated?

a) Each innings has a time limit of 75minutes. For every over bowled after that, the batting side gets extra 6 runs.

b) If a batsman fails to reach the crease within 90 seconds after the fall of wicket, the bowling side gets 5 penalty runs.

c) Fielding restrictions are applicable for the first six overs of the innings

d)  A bolwer can bowl a maximum of 6 overs per innings

17. Which of the following International Tennis Tournaments is held on grass court?

a) US open

b) French open

c) Wimbledon

d) Australian open

18. Which cricketer holds the record for scoring highest number of runs in a test match innings?

a) Sachin Tendulkar

b) Brian Lara

c) Steve Waugh

d) Vivian Richards

19. Which sports person is nick named Dennis the Menace?

a) Pete Samprass

b) Jim Courier

c) Sunil Gavaskar

d) John McNroe

20. With which one of the following games is ‘Tiger Woods’ associated ?

a) Golf

b) Ludo

c) Cricket

d) Football

ANSWERS:  1.A    2.B        3.C          4. A        5.D         6.C          7.B          8.B          9.C  10. B  11. D  12. D      13.C       14.B       15.B       16.D                17.C       18.B       19.A       20.A

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