How to avoid Procrastination?

Do you have a habit of putting off tasks until the last minute and feeling overwhelmed with the workload? If so, you are not alone! Procrastination is a problem faced by many. However, procrastination can be one of the biggest hindrances to productivity. To help you break free of the procrastination trap and reach your goals, here are a few tips on how to avoid procrastination.

1. Set realistic goals: The first step in conquering procrastination is to set meaningful and achievable goals

2. Stick to your plan of action: Make a note of things to be done and stick to them whatever stops you to do it. Discipline is the most rewarding investment.

3. Follow your role model: Who do you follow in your life? Your father, a successful businessman or a sports star? Read about them and implement their practices in your life.

4. Take frequent breaks: Plan some time for relaxing and enjoyment. That can be a five minute rest, a site seeing, listening to music, which would ease of your fatigue.

Pragmatic Schedule:

1. Plan your day: Take a few minutes to plan your day and the tasks to be performed. Prioritize the tasks and put them down in the form of a to-do list. Assign duration and prioritize the tasks.
2. Set a schedule: Set up a routine as it pertains to your daily tasks. This helps your brain to know when to begin and end tasks, thus inducing discipline and productivity.
3. Begin early: Begin your day early so that you can get more done and end your day earlier

Realistic Goals:

Break down your long-term goals into smaller, doable chunks and set realistic deadlines.

Understand your limitations: Recognize that you cannot do it all and understand your limitations.

Know thyself: Get to know yourself and figure out what type of procrastinator you are; this will help you to appropriately set deadlines.

Eliminate distractions: Remove yourself from any distractions (phones, social media etc) and create a distraction-free environment.

Motivation: Find motivation to complete tasks through rewards and positive affirmations.

Small Steps Make Big Leaps:

Rome is not build in single day. Success comes in layers, not at one instance. Go ahead step by step. Break down your goals and tasks into small, actionable steps and gradually work through them.
Prioritize: Prioritize your tasks in order to know where to start and what to finish the most.
Time Management: Set strict time frames for tasks to be completed and stick to it.
Stay Accountable: Share your goals and progress updates with someone to stay accountable.

Don’t get discouraged:

It’s okay to make mistakes. Learn from them, and don’t let them become a source of discouragement. Learn form your mistakes but dont repeat them. Remember that a mistake teaches you what not to do and what to do?

Think positively: Focus on why you want to achieve your goals, rather than why they are difficult. Reward yourself: Celebrate your accomplishments and reward yourself for achieving your goals.

Keep organized: Structure your workspace and stay organized. This will help you to focus and keep track of tasks.

Wish you all the best.

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