Dear aspirants,

This test contains 50 questions and each carries 1 mark. There is no negative marking. Attempt it and find your learning level.


Dear aspirants, this quiz comprises 80 questions. 1-60 questions are Library Science, 61-70 are Teaching aptitude questions and 71-80 are on NEP. This test is only for part-V of the test.

There is negative marking for wrong answers. -0.25 for each wrong answer.Correct answer would give you 1 mark. Wish you good luck!

Time limit : 2 hours


As NVS follows negative marking scheme, this paper is made based on negative paper scheme. Test your score and anlayse your level of learning.

1. Who enunciated Mathematical theory of information?

2. What is the essential element of information society?

3.In which country was the word 'Information' first used?

4. Who enunciated Semantic theory of information?

5. What is the meaning of handbook?

6.The meaning of the Boolean expression A or B is to such set, which ahs

7.Bibliotheca Bibliographia was compiled by

8. International cataloguing is a quarterly bulletin of

9. What is the name of national library of England?

10. If there are two authors for a book, how main entry will be prepared according to CCC?

11. What is tell tale title?

12. Complex subjects are obtained by which modes of formation?

13. One kilobyte is equal to

14. The term 'cybernatics' was coined by..

15. Which type of protocol is used by interface for Public Data Network(PDN)?

16. Critical Path Method was developed by...

17. 'Canon of Recall Value' was enunciated by//

18. The short title formed on the spine of the book is known as....

19. The personality facet for Main class Z Law is taken from...

20. Table 2 of DDC deals with

21. Who developed the chain indexing?

22. Missing link in Chain Procedure is the link in which

23.Chain procedure is processed with the help of...

24. What is the publication frequency of Physics Abstracts?

25. Which committee was appointed in 1927 to enquire in to the inadequacy of public libraries in England and Wales?

26. British Public Libraries and Museum Act was enacted in

27. In 1950. Library development Plan was drafted by...

28. Mathematical Review is published by...

29. standards and patents are unique sources of

30. Canon of Prepotence is concerned with

31. How is information produced?

32. Universal Bibliographic Control was primarily launhed by...

33. The communication process begins with a

34. The study of control and communicate in both animals and machines is known as

35. The first English Scientific Journal is

36. A publication which contains mainly original matter is known as

37. Photographs, Charts, Drawings,etc. come under

38. According to Ranganathan the totality of ideas conserved through human civilization is

39. A library that is entitled by law to receive a free copy of every book publi9shed is

40. Right to read programme was introduced in 1970s in..

41. List of works by and on a person is

42. Which is the latest edition of CCC?

43. What is the trade name of visible index?

44. A collection of images, organised for information processing and retreival is

45. Which visual information retrieval interface is based on text tiling?

46. What percentage of the total money of the budget is to be spent on the binding of books of the library?

47. Zero based budget emphasises more on

48. PART is a method of..

49. Nibble refers to how many bits?

50. The programs of the computer are written in

51. What did help in promoting OPACs?

52. The controlled vocabulary in indexing means

53. P-notes are used in which classification system

54. Who started Science citation index?

55. When was UGC set up in India?

56. What are special libraries?

57. What are the three main units of the computer?

58. The Drury principles are related with which of the folowing?

59. Name the administrative principle which lays emphasis on one supervisor and one plan for a group of activities having same objective?

60. The classified part of CCC consists of main entry and

61. Education should be such as would make the student...

62. Only one teacher teaches little children in school. Do you consider it to be beneficial?

63. The attitude /viewpoint of the teacher towards weak students of the class should be:

64. You are teaching in the classroom. Suddenly, you find out that one of the students has fallen asleep by keeping his head on the table. What would you do?

65. How would you give home worm to little children?

66. The modern educational system is:

67. The home work to be given to students should be:

68.A teacher:

69. You think that Veena is an intelligent student, you would:

70. A teacher would get respect in the society only if he:

71.According to U-DISE 2016-17 data, what percentage of India’s public primary schools have less than 30 students.

72.During the year 2016–17, there were 119,303 single-teacher schools and  the majority of them (94,028) being primary schools serving Grades 

73.What causes exclusion and discrimination in education?

74.How many children from urban poor family don’t have quality education and severely malnourished?

75.What are the key qualities of teachers, teacher education, school resourcing, and school culture that enable and ensure excellent teachers and teaching?

76.As per the redesigned CPD How many hours of CPD training per year rquired by Teachers across all platforms, as per their choosing.

77.The different tracks that teachers will be prepared for in a B.Ed. Programme will include

78.According to Unified District Information System for Education what is Gross Enrolment Ration for Grade 1-5 in 2016-2017?

79.For what aged drop out students there will be given alternate options to attend adult literacy programmes to gain foundational and functional literacy.

80.What is foundation stage for a Children?

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