1.Answer for Puzzle 1 is here : 19 peacocks, 1 dove, and 80 sparrows. For the Puzzle link, click here

2. Answer for Puzzle 2: 64. Explanation: All the numbers are cubes of 1,2,3 and 4. For the puzzle link click here

3. Answer for Puzzle 3: 64. ( The numbers opposite are squares ) For the puzzle link click here

4. Answer for Puzzle 4: 6 painters For the puzzle, click here

5. Answer for Puzzle 5: Click here for the puzzle

6. Answer for Puzzle 6: There were 23 biscuits in the packet at the starting. For the puzzle , click here.

7. Puzzle-7. 67 Toffees. For 45 rupees you would get 45 rupees, upon returning all the 45 wrappers you would get 15 more, then in turn you would receive 5 more after returning 15 wrappers. From the five you have now, return three and get one wrapper and add it to the two wrappers already remaining with you. Totally 67 toffees. ( 45+15+5+1+1)

8. Puzzle-8 Answer is 10 metres. Apply Pythagoras theorem.

9. Puzzle-9 Answer is 1600. It is evident that Sreedhar prefers squared numbers, and hence he would prefer 1600 to 1700 on his car number plate.

10. Puzzle -10.

Answer : The following is one of the many ways to solve the puzzle. You can try it in a different way.

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