Female Feticide- An Abject Shame and Menace

Female foeticide is a heinous act of killing a female foetus in the womb of a mother. It is an abject shame for any society that is practising it. Female foeticide has become a menace in many countries, mostly in developing countries like India, China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. This practice of killing a female foetus is not only illegal but also goes against the human rights of the unborn female child.

The practice of female foeticide is carried out due to various reasons, including gender inequality, the desire for male child, and financial constraints. In many societies, women are considered inferior to men, and having a male child is considered a blessing. Due to this belief, people end up killing their female foetuses as they believe that they will not be able to provide for them properly or that they will be a burden to the family. This leads to an imbalanced sex ratio in the society, which is a cause of concern.

The imbalance in the sex ratio has far-reaching consequences, including an increase in the incidents of rape, domestic violence, and sex trafficking. A society that does not value its female population cannot progress, and this will hamper the overall growth of the country. Female foeticide is a menace that needs to be addressed immediately, and the government needs to take strict action against those involved in such crimes.

Various measures can be taken to prevent female foeticide, including awareness campaigns, strict implementation of laws, and providing incentives to families who have female children. Education is the most important factor that can change people’s mindsets, and it is necessary to create awareness about the importance of the girl child in society. The government should provide incentives to families that have female children, like free education, medical care or other subsidies, to encourage them to have a girl child.

In conclusion, female feticide/ is an abject shame and menace that needs to be eradicated from society. The birth of a girl child should be celebrated, and the practice of killing female fetuses needs to be stopped. It is the responsibility of each and every member of society to ensure that the girl child receives the same treatment and opportunities as the male child. It is only when we raise our voices against female feticide and work towards gender equality that we can build a society that is just and equitable.

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