Summer Holidays

(Essay Writing)

Summer holidays, just after the academic session is a great time to enjoy a lot a learn new things. This summer, I found creative ways to enjoy my holidays by taking part in outdoor activities like swimming and hiking. I visited the beaches of Vishakhapatnam and I was mesmerized by the pristine sand and the vibrant blue waters. I also visited Araku Valley and I enjoyed a few days of peace, away from the hustle and bustle of my city.

Exploring the outdoors was a great way to get away from screens, as well as an opportunity to bond with nature and appreciate its beauty. During my summer holidays, I seized the great opportunity to do just that by going on hikes and camping trips. I was amazed by the magnificent beauty of nature around me, from the grandiose mountains to the blossoming meadows. I even spotted some wildlife like majestic deer far away in the horizon! These moments gave me great joy and were a great reminder of life’s simple pleasures.

Furthermore, I spent time connecting with family and friends. I visited my relatives house and stayed there. I learnt playing badminton with my friends. I also completed all my homework and project works and utilised time to learn new concepts and tricks in mathematics. Thus, summer holidays have been a great period of relaxation and recreation for me.

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