“A Friend in need is a friend indeed.” In the current, artificial world it’s tough to find true friends. A true friend is one who we can bank on all occasions. To me, my best friend is someone who is understanding, trustworthy and dependable. My best friend is someone with whom I have shared my dreams and aspirations. We have laughed and cried together in happy and sad times. He/She’s someone who knows my deepest secrets and still stands by me. We can talk to each other about any and every detail of our lives without hesitation.

He/She gives me an assurance that even in times of trouble and distress, I can rely on him/her for unquestionable assistance and support. He/she can understand my situation when I am emotionally down and offers helping hand. If I ever do mistakes, he will correct me and if do any great things, he will be proud of me.

I am lucky to have a best friend like him/her who stands with me and supports me always whatever the situation. My best friend can read and understand my facial expressions and my silences, which makes me feel so unique and special. He/she knows all my secrets, my dreams, and can always be trusted. I can also talk to him/her about my fears and he/she is always there to listen and comfort. He/she is someone with whom I can share my thoughts and joys without any fear.

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