My favorite hobby is photography. I have always been interested in capturing the beauty of life through a lens, ever since my high school photography class. I love to go out and explore with my camera, never knowing what I will find and capture. Whether I’m in my own backyard or overseas, I take my camera with me and lose myself in my surroundings.

I am a self-taught photographer, and photography has truly become a passion of mine. Learning new ways to capture light, the settings of my camera to get the perfect picture. I love to add creativity by following different light and shade techniques and using different lenses. My passion for photography started when I first caught few images of my mother in our mobile phone. Then onwards, it has been fascinating me.

Photography is a great way to capture happy occasions, turn the mundane into something extraordinary and preserve moments for posterity. There’s also something beautiful about the combination of art and science that you need to take a good photograph. It’s all about angles, lighting, and reflection.

My hobby of photography not only makes me happy but is also a way of learning more about the world around me. I’m constantly learning new technique and understanding the importance of details which helps me to capture life’s most precious moments. Looking at the news papers and magazines I learnt that ‘a picture speaks thousands of words.’ We can portray many emotions through photography.

I treasure each moment I capture and the joy of watching these moments on the screen never fades. I feel that I can convey the emotions and passion I felt while clicking a photograph through my images. It also allows me to expand my skills in understanding the importance of composition, light and shade.

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