” Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” is my favorite book of all time. It comes in the personality improvement zoner and it changed my life completely. Stephen R. Covey wrote this best seller and gave seven habits, with which one can be successful in life.

This book focuses on three key aspects: taking a personal and interpersonal effectiveness approach, sharpening knowledge and understanding to make better decisions, and repeating a consistent behavior to form lifelong habits.

The habits include proactivity, having a clear vision, focusing on understanding the habits to implementing them and focusing on the end result. In simple words, it is an effort to take control of our lives and bring about a positive change. The great thing about this book was that the habits and lessons were applicable in almost every area of life.

The seven habits of highly effective people are:

  1. They take initiative. “Be proactive.”
  2. They focus on goals. “Begin with the end in mind.”
  3. They set priorities. “Put first things first.”
  4. They only win when others win. “Think win/win.”
  5. They communicate. “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”
  6. They cooperate. “Synergize.”
  7. They reflect on and repair their deficiencies. “Sharpen the saw.”

The principles outlined in this book are great life lessons to learn and apply. The book teaches us how to work effectively and efficiently to achieve our goals. It also teaches us how to work and communicate with others in an effective manner.
The book has changed my paradigm of understanding the world and building a strong character.

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