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“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”– Thomas A. Edison

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”– Thomas A. Edison

Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow by choosing the correct/most appropriate options.

The inflammatory statements were, of course, merely contributory causes of his arrest and Gandhi himself was aware that he was being arrested for reasons that went far beyond the simple question of subversion. What was at issue was Gandhi’s growing power and his assumption of great authority over the members of the Congress Party. In a few years he had raised himself to a position where he could exercise vast influence over the Indian people, and the flashpoint was only a little way away. When he spoke of “a fight to the finish, whether it lasts one month or one year or many years,” he was implying that it was within his powers to bring about the sudden dramatic overthrow of the British Raj, possibly within the space of a month. The time had come to curb his influence, to make him powerless. By putting him in prison, the government was running few risks. The members of Congress, left to their own devices, would quarrel among themselves, new and less effective leaders would arise, the legend of Gandhi’s invincibility would be liquidated and the government would be able to prove to its own satisfaction that it was not afraid of him. At the same time the government would be permitted to enjoy a breathing space to ponder the next move in the game.

#1. Gandhi’s inflammatory speeches were only an excuse for the Britishers to put him behind the bars. The real reason was..

#2. The Britishers were convinced that

#3. Which of the following statements is not correct?

Study the following statements :

#4. By putting Gandhi in jail, the Britishers wanted to

#5. A. Gandhi made inflammatory speeches. B. Gandhi had realised that he was able to overthrow the Government.

The given sentence has been divided into four parts (a), (b), (c) and (d), one of which contains an error. Find the part which has the error.

#6. The children(a) / should not sit (b)/ close to the TV set (c)/ as it affects on their eyes.(d)

as it affects on their eyes wrong, as it affects their eyes is correct

In the following question, a part of the sentence is given in brackets. Out of the given alternatives find the one which can replace that part without changing its meaning.

#7. He is very active and will finish the work (within no time.)

Put the following sentence in the right sequence :

#8. Never P. which Q. put off R. till tomorrow S. can be done 6. today

Choose the option in which the VOICE in the given sentence has been correctly changed.

#9. They are now printing a new edition of that book.

Pick the correct option which means the same as the sentence given below :

#10. Besides being cheap, these shoes are durable.

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