Library catalogue is an important tool in a library and cataloguing is one of the most
important activities of a library. This test contains 15 questions.


“Success is not how high you have climbed, but how you make a positive difference to the world.” ― Roy T. Bennett

“Success is not how high you have climbed, but how you make a positive difference to the world.”
― Roy T. Bennett

#1. What is Library catalogue?

Library catalogues are also different from the publishers’ catalogues, booksellers’ lists, bibliographies, etc. Each of these reference tools is useful to build up the collections for a library book selection, but they do not do what a library catalogue does.

#2. Which of the following guides the users to identify, locate and access reading and reference materials in the library?

#3. How does the library catalogue help a reader?

#4. What is an inventory of documents acquired by a library containing detailed information about the price, the vendor who supplied the document, size, in addition to the usual bibliographical data?

#5. What is a list of documents reflecting exactly the way documents are arranged on the shelves in different rooms or halls?

#6. Which of the following is most useful for stock verification?

#7. The word `catalogue' has been derived from....

#8. The word 'catalogue' originated from the word....

The word `catalogue’ has been derived from the Greek expression `kata logos’. It means a list, register or complete enumeration of something. It has now come to mean a list of somethings, systematically arranged in alphabetical or other order, often with brief description of items listed. For example: A catalogue of items of furniture for sale in an auction; a catalogue of different kinds of pumps manufactured by a particular company.

#9. Who defined a catalogue as 'A catalogue is usually distinguished from a mere list or enumeration by systematic or methodic arrangement, alphabetical or other order and often by the addition of brief particulars, descriptive or aiding identification, indicative of locality, position, date, price or the like'.

#10. What is it called if a a catalogue represents the collection of two or more libraries?

#11. Who defined catalogue as `a list of books, maps, or other items, arranged in definite order?

Harrod’s librarians’ glossary and reference book 6th edition, has defined catalogue
as `a list of books, maps, or other items, arranged in definite order. It records,
describes and indexes (usually completely) the resources of a collection, a library or a
group of libraries. Each entry bears details of class number or call number to enable
the item to he found (on the shelves of the library), as well as sufficient details (such
as author, title, editorship, place of publication, publisher, date of publication, edition
pages, illustrations) to identify and describe a book. To be distinguished from (1) a
list, which may or may not be in any particular order and may be incomplete, and (2)
a bibliography, which may not be confined to any one collection of books or to a
particular group of libraries’.

#12. Who defined the term library catalogue as a list of the documents in a library or in a collection forming a-portion of it?

He further states, `A
catalogue may be printed, or it may be in manuscript form. It may be in cards or in
loose leaves. It may be in the form of a continuous book or in the paste down form
with gaps for the interpolation of new entries in between existing entries’.

#13. Who is the author of the book 'Rules for a Dictionary Catalogue'/

#14. When was the first edition of the book 'Rules for a Dictionary Catalogue' published?

#15. According to Charles Ami Cutter, a catalogue should:

According to C A Cutter, a catalogue should:
1) enable a person to find a book of which
the author, or
the title, or
the subject is known
2) show what the library has
by a given author
on a given subject
in a given kind of literature
3) assist in the choice of a book
as to its edition (bibliographically)
as to its character (literary or topical)


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