This quiz contains 10 questions of sentence improvement, useful for various competitive exams. In each sentence, some part is kept in brackets. The part kept in sentence requires some correction. Identify the correct option from the options indicated. If you think there is no requirement of correction, choose no improvement.



#1. The members of the student's union (did not give) the examination in protest.

#2. He has finished his lunch (now and was satisfied)

#3. (If I had the money I would have bought the house)

#4. I usually (did not take) sugar in my tea

#5. They (knocked down) ten houses when they built the new road.

#6. Students will have to (take the test) again tomorow.

#7. The climate of Karnatka( is cooler than ) Andhra Pradesh.

#8. ( Being a rainy day), we had to abandon the match.

#9. ( I gave to ) Rohit the books.

#10. Swati gave me ( an old scissor)


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