GE34: Wonderful Words

The following is a collection of some interesting words. You will also find the connection between puri jagannath and English. Learn and enjoy!


a huge wagon, an unstoppable force

Origin: Lord Puri Jagannath, jagat( world) became jugger and nath( the lord) became naut

Example : The juggernaut of global warming


To spread the good word.It actually meant ” to scatter seed’. Initially used in Van Gogh’s paintings, the verb was applied to spreading the word over radios. With the latest web technology, the word ‘Webcst’ became popular.

Example: AIR broadcasted the event.


To kill time, a frivolous or foolish person.

Example: People fribble freebies


a flickering series of phantoms, apparitions, vision, or illusionary images.

Origin : Greek word ‘Phantsma’ which means to show.


My childhood was a phantasamgoria of horror and mystery”


pay, wage

From the Latin word ‘salarium’ which means ” salt allowance”.

During Roman times, salt was worth its weight in gold and soldiers were sometimes paid in salt, hence the word “salary”

Example : I have not received my salary yet.


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