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#1. A combination of 4 bits is termed as:

#2. The process of converting digital signals into analog signals is known as:

#3. The tag 250 in MARC 21 indicates ______. Ans 1. publication statement

#4. A program written in high level language can be converted to machine level instruction by:

#5. DB Krishan Rao got the first doctoral degree in library science under the title of:

#6. Which of the following is NOT the purpose of user studies?

#7. Which of the following is a multilingual agriculture thesaurus?

#8. Which of the following is NOT a part of word treatment in language dictionaries

#9. Which of the following fields in MARC 21 contains the DDC number?

#10. The different categories of users of an academic library are:

#11. 11 Prenatal cataloguing is the contribution of:

#12. Which of the following in the communication satellite is used to amplify and retransmit signals?

#13. The national centre which operates the modernisation university libraries with its high speed data network is called:

#14. A reference service only which is answered by the subject expert of a library is called:

#15. Which of the following is an anti-virus software?

#16. Who is the author of ‘Rules for a Dictionary Catalog’?

#17. Which of the following is NOT a collection in special libraries?

#18. Which of the following is a technique used within the library to train professional staff?

#19. Who was the first librarian of Imperial Library India?

#20. What is third in the trinity of a library along with users and documents?

#21. Identify the correct sequence of user tasks that are supported by the structure of FRBR.

#22. Facts of File is a weekly digest of:

#23. The acronym PODSCORB was coined by:

#24. Walford’s Guide to Reference Material is published by:

#25. Which of the following is NOT a principle of facet sequence?

#26. The real feel of the profession of librarianship came when an American, Asa Don Dickinson started a training program for Indian librarians with the help of:

#27. What do you mean by bulletin board service?

#28. Which of the following is NOT an internet protocol?

#29. Which of the following is NOT a function of the national library:

#30. How much area of the total space was recommended by Ranganathan to be allotted for each reader in a library building?

#31. The ‘Demand and Supply theory of Book selection’ is the contribution of:

#32. According to AACR-II, the statement of responsibility should be preceded by a:

#33. The user community of a public library is comprised of:

#34. IATLIS is a professional association of:

#35. The ‘Million Book Project’ was initiated by:

#36. Which of the following protocols is used for sending electronic mail?

#37. Who classified scientific principles of management with library management?

#38. UNESCO initiated the NISSAT programme in India with the help of:

#39. The symbol semicolon (;) in PMEST is a connecting symbol for:

#40. The part I in AACR-2R published in 2002 is divided into how many chapters?

#41. Who was the chairman of the committee on National Network System for Universities/Libraries?

#42. The first edition of colon classification was published in the year ______.

#43. Which of the following has NOT formulated the principles for selection of books for libraries?

#44. The term ‘Scalar Chain’ is associated with

#45. A pamphlet brought out by a library with instructions to the library users is called a:

#46. In which year was the Khuda Bakhsh Oriental public library (Patna) established?

#47. Strings of text that are links to other pages are called:

#48. Who developed the CPM method in 1950?

#49. The software that enables the users to accomplish their required task is:

#50. What is the full form of PERT?

#51. The method of knowing the information searching behaviour of the users is:

#52. Data that can be sent in either direction, but NOT simultaneously is called:

#53. Public Relations (PR) helps to establish the ______ within a Community.

#54. Primary source(s) of information is/are ______.

#55. Who is the publisher of the book Five Laws of Library Science?

#56. Articles published in research journals are ______.

#57. Saraswathi Mahal library is located at:

#58. Who tried to differentiate between information and knowledge?

#59. Which of the following networks is used for connecting computers in small geographical areas?

#60. Which of the following does NOT come under ‘Seven Lamps of Conduct’ for library professionals?

#61. The technique of periodically evaluating the job of the employees is called:

#62. Who is the publisher of Books in Print?

#63. Who categorised information sources into conventional, non-conventional, neo conventional and micro documents?

#64. The idea of thesaurofacet was developed by ______.

#65. If the author of a book is NOT known, such works are called:

#66. The 3 Cards system is mainly used in the libraries for which of the following?

#67. The cryptographic technique that uses different encryption and decryption keys is called:

#68. ‘Indian Science Abstracts’ is published by:

#69. Encyclopedia Americana consists of:

#70. Li-fi stands for:

#71. What is meant by knowledge management?

#72. Which state has the library cess?

#73. Who developed the Information Skills Model?

#74. How can TQM be employed in libraries and information centres?

#75. CCF was developed by:

#76. 6 The concept of ‘Librametry’ was first developed by:

#77. The name Prof G Bhattacharya is associated with:

#78. Citation indexing is the contribution of:

#79. In which topology is each computer connected to every other computer?

#80. What type of information sources are Almanacs?

#81. The DLRG mailing list is maintained by:

#82. Information about scale and projection can be found in:

#83. What is the full form of URL?

#84. The print, electronic or any other form containing recent information or news which is of interest to a special group of users is called:

#85. What are the techniques of marketing?

#86. The sixth edition of colon classification was published in the year:

#87. Information literacy does NOT include the following activity:

#88. Who is the author of the Model Public Library and Information Services Act?

#89. The tag 300 in MARC 21 indicates:

#90. ILA is a member of:

#91. The process of surrogation, repackaging and compaction of the primary literature that results in the creation of secondary journals is:

#92. The National Informatics Centre (NIC) has its headquarters in:

#93. Hypertext pages that are mixed with other media like graphics, audio, video, etc are called:

#94. In library science parlance, what is the meaning of marketing?

#95. In UDC, the double colon sign :: is used to indicate:

#96. The decimal representation for the character ‘A’ in ASCII is:

#97. The symbol used to indicate ‘Time facet’ in colon classification is:

#98. Which of the following has stopped publishing in the print form since 2012?

#99. Which of the following is NOT a section of MARC records?

#100. Who developed bibliographic classification (BC)?

Quiz Contributor:<br>Manibabu Vajja, Librarian, K V Waltair, Visakhapatnam<gwmw style="display:none;"></gwmw>
Quiz Contributor:
Manibabu Vajja, Librarian, K V Waltair, Visakhapatnam

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